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Users must be 18 to enter Gunslinger Gaming Chat.

By entering Gunslinger Chat, you have agreed to honor our Guidelines of Conduct. Violation of said rules may result in moderation or removal of access to Gunslinger Gaming chatrooms.

Lobby - A place for all mature gamers to meet. General discussion and fun.

Game Specific Chat - If you'd like to chat in the Gunslinger Lobby and also chat about a specific game, head here. You can log in to a secondary chatroom specific to one of several games while still participating in the general discussion of the Lobby.

Voice Chat - Our members-only Ventrilo server for our multi-platform voice chat needs.

Theater Chat - Need a break from gaming? Head in to Theater Chat to watch streaming movies or television shows while also chatting in the Lobby. Keep checking back, you never know what may be playing!