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We have a big group at GS, and no big group can make it without great leaders. The GS Staff are wonderful folks who have volunteered their time to enhance the community. Thank you!

Admin = Overall administrator of site content and member management.
Global Leader = Leader representing all consoles and systems.
Sony Leader = Leader for consoles created by Sony such as the PS3.
Microsoft Leader = Leader for consoles created by Microsoft such as the 360.
Nintendo Leader = Leader for consoles created by Nintendo such as the Wii and WiiU.
PC Leader = Leader for PC based games.

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Global Leaders:
McMurphy - Gunslinger Founder, Administrator
dunkaroo69 - Administrator
Sony Leaders:
bdnyy23 ironside
Lamporello mikelaird1
NYRaider77 Spade115
Microsoft Leaders:
cupracer92 Fynvarrah
GrouchyGran Hir3ling
LawnGnomer 6 turk mcgurk
Nintendo Leader:
Merky Water
PC Leader:
gobi42 Sosyc