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Frosty Pints

We welcome you to join in on the premiere event here at Gunslingers entitled Frosty Pints!

Crack open your favorite brew, stop by the GS Chats and connect with fellow members for some drunken gaming fun. Going strong since 2008, Frosty Pints is a particularly great time for new members to meet other Gunslingers and to swap friend codes, PSNs or gamertags.

Frosty Pints takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings, which actually means all day Friday and Saturday due to having members from time zones across the globe. (Quite the bender, huh!?) The busiest times tend to be from 3:00pm PST and on.

Below is a loose schedule for when GSers meet up for FP, but often times games bleed into multiple nights so the best bet is to check in chat during FP nights.

Frosty Pints Schedule:

Friday: All Games
Saturday: All Games

As if you needed more incentive to join in on the fun, below are some videos taken during typical FP nights. We look forward to cracking brews, jokes and doing a little gaming with you during Gunslinger Frosty Pints!

Reflex - Christmas Frosty Pints

Mario Kart Wii - Dryboned Edition