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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of Gunslinger Gaming! Below, you will find the questions most often asked by our members. If you are reading this message as a prospective member, we recommend that you first check out the How To Join as well as the Guidelines page to see if that answers any initial questions you may have in regards to becoming a member.

I haven’t got my activation email after registering in the GS Forums. Did I do something wrong?
-The activation email can arrive within minutes or, in cases of high traffic periods, up to an hour. Also, depending on your email provider, the activation email may have been placed in your junk/bulk folder. If you still haven’t received the email after those conditions are considered, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please email to have your account manually activated.

2. I have activated my GS account, but now what?
-Congratulations on becoming a Gunslinger and thank you for joining! We recommend that you post an introduction in our Introductions section of the forums, add your game contacts to the Master Lists (see Master Lists of Contacts section of the forums) that apply to you, and stop by the GS Chat to say “hello.” We promise you will be welcomed warmly on all fronts. You can get even more information and tips on how to join up with the rest of the Gunslingers as quickly as possible by viewing the How To Join page.

3. Do Gunslingers partake in clan wars?
-No. We are dedicated in providing an oasis from typical competitive clan obligations that tend to be too demanding for us parent and hard working adult gamers that like to keep our down time simple, exclusively with fellow mature gamers, and at our own convenience. Clan wars or participation on tournament sites such as tend to undermine that goal.

4. If I am a member of another clan (such as a competitive one), can I still be a Gunslinger?
-Yes. The Gunslingers community does not require an exclusive membership status. All that we ask is that, while you are gaming with your fellow Gunslingers, you do not use our communication tools or Master Lists for recruiting purposes or for any purpose related to a competitive clan, including coordinating or soliciting participation in clan wars.

5. Now that I am a member, do I have to wait for an invite or can I start joining online matches with other Gunslingers?
-Once you have signed up and added your game contacts to the site, you are ready to party it up with your fellow members! Not only should you feel confident in sending out friend invites using a game’s Master List, but you are encouraged to join right in on the in-game matches. When we say “more the merrier,” we mean it!

6. As a non-member, can I use the GS chat?
-Officially, no. GS Chat is a feature for members and although we highly encourage prospective members to head into chat and ask questions, chat is not meant for prolonged non-member use. We realize this can be a grey area if someone is taking their time in chat and genuinely attempting to learn more about Gunslingers. But as a general rule if a person is going to enjoy GS chat to exchange contacts or coordinate games, then he or she will need to formally agree our guidelines as a member of Gunslinger Gaming.

7. What voice chat programs do Gunslingers use?
-We currently use Discord for our text and voice chat needs. Information and access to our server can be accessed via our Discord Account. On the Xbox and Playstation, we also often use the console's party system and the in-game mic systems. On the PC, we have a Steam group specifically for Gunslinger Gaming, with voice chat features as well. Using voice chat is not required to be a Gunslinger, but it does make the experience more engaging.

8. Am I required to add every other Gunslinger member for a game?
-No. You are encouraged to add or remove contacts as you deem necessary for your enjoyment at the Gunslingers. As long as a name appears on a game’s Master List, it is endorsed by the Gunslingers. We highly recommend that you check back to the lists to add new folks as they join (we want them to feel as welcome as you did), and to remove anyone that is no longer represented on the lists. If a person disappears from a Master List, it is either because they no longer have the game and have requested to be removed, or the person is no longer a Gunslinger. You are welcome to keep noncurrent members added to your friend lists, but you do so at your own risk.

9. What social networks are the Gunslingers represented on?
-Currently, we have Steam, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter groups active, and every member is welcome to join/follow any of them. You are by no means required to join any of them to be a Gunslinger member. We do ask that only gamers who have registered in our GS Forums, which is how we gauge membership, sign up for these social groups.

10. I have a social and/or political cause I feel strongly about. Can I post about it in the forum?
-As a gaming clan, the GS forum is not the place for political, social or religious debate. Although personal beliefs and views can occassionaly come up during discussion, controversial topics are best left to other forums geared towards political, social or religious debate.

11. I have an issue with a fellow member. How should I handle it?
-Conflict between members can occur. With our large numbers and various backgrounds and viewpoints, it is bound to happen. Fortunately, it is not common thanks to the maturity of our members. When it should happen and a simple “we agree to disagree” sentiment doesn’t work or it feels like the issue is getting worse, please contact a Gunslinger Leader via a private message in the GS Forums. We can help resolve the issue in a discreet manner between only the parties involved. Whether you are able to resolve the issue yourself or ask for GS Leadership assistance, we do require that the conflict is handled with civility, in private, and that other members aren’t solicited to take sides.