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RJ81 New Here

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:33 am

Hello ladies and gents. Obviously I'm new here or I wouldn't be posting. Ha.
Some background. I'm a BF guy but since dice has dropped the ball after BF 3-4 I decided to try some COD. It has not disappointed.
I'm not new to clans. Started running with The Sick Clan (sNc) in 2005 playing BFBC2. Started off as a Noob and worked my way up to running the BF group and running GameBattles. Also had my hand in a bunch of other aspects of the clan.
After a few years and various ups and downs within the group, members getting older and moving on, I myself growing in life we all just kind of disbanded.
But I digress.
I live in Wisconsin. 39 years old, I turn wrenches for a living. Have 3 beautiful kids. Have time on the weekends and late at night to game. I'm blunt and to the point and can have a mouth when I play. But it's all in fun!
Happy Hunting!

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