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Modern Warfare COD-I'm on PC and PS4. (Brodus012) Discord# 5786

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Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:56 am

Hey all,

I go by Brodus. I took a long break from gaming (Ps4) but I use to play COD and Destiny 1, daily after work. I'm in my 40's now with kids (divorced) and just enjoying life. I am looking for some people to play Modern Warfare with on PC ( I use a controller though). I'm not terrible at Modern Warfare and use to be pretty good a few years ago. currently my KD is 1.2 with my fav weapon. now its .90 because I like to try new weapons, equipment, and do challenges. I am new to PC gaming. Not sure how to use Discord and my new headset sounds great, but no one can hear me. could use some help... Thank you and I look forward to playing with you soon. Take care.