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New member, old player

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Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:55 pm

- Loki
- 35,5 years past the 'best before' date
- some forms of insanity, but not smart enough to be able to spell the definitions
- have 2 kids in co-parenting

mostly playing:
Borderlands 3 on PC
Xcom 2

Long description
Been playing since too long. Started with the Commodore 64 and the old nintendo console (can't remember the name)
Then up to Westwoods Command And Conquer and MicroProses UFO:Enemy Unknown. Those were my first real addictions. And I'd play them instantly if they ever came out with better graphics.

Later I abandonned the C&C franchise when EA took over the licence, but I never left the XCOM series.
I've spend way too many hours playing Guildwars, and later when I could affort it, World of Warcraft, I still crave that feeling of 'belonging' sometimes.
When Borderlands 1 came out, I was instantly in love.

Now we're 2019. I barely have any time to play any games, but I do whenever something new comes out. Between those I play some mobile games, but nothing that really sticks.
I'm a software developer and analist by day, and I divide my time as ant-keeper, father, juggler, partner, gamer when I'm not working.

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Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:09 am

Welcome @Loki :)
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