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[Master Race] Introduction + Plea to Join

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Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:59 am

Hey there,

I am a 30-year-old from the United States (east coast). I am a web developer that works from home; though, I am a very casual player (maybe 1-2 hours a few nights a week, if I'm lucky, and some extra time on the weekend).

Downloaded Warframe exactly a year ago and just didn't get into it... simply because of the learning curve and speed running of players finishing a map before I could figure out what the loot I'm picking up is for. However, I decided give it another shot. I found the solo queue option and have been having a blast this time around.

Recently, I have maxed out my first Warframe & weapons (Mag--using a bow and the throwing knives) with 12 hours playtime. I have a single Rhino piece in the making but still need the others. My main goal for a frame is to get to Ivara as she looks right up my alley. I still need to do some research on the whole crafting system and plan out my goals since I'm maxxed out on my current frame and weapons with nothing in the process of progression.

I am going to focus on trying out some new weapons/builds for my Mag while I wait and farm for the above two frames. The bow/knife combo is super fun, it doesn't seem very effective in a majority of scenarios (especially with Mag's abilities).

I'm about to go wander around in the plains for my lunch break and explore a bit more near Cetus--the current questline I'm on is here. I was just flying around in a gunship, which I didn't know you could do until this morning, and realized my questline is taking me to get the Archwing.

Really looking for a place to call home and make some friends, potentially have someone to play with when I want to queue up, and a knowledge base to help me over the hump of figuring out WTF I'm actually doing.

My in-game name is CynosureEPR and my discord is CynosureEPR#6212.

Edit: oh yea, I'm playing on PC.

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Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:43 pm

Hey there :)

If you haven't already, I recommend watching iFlynn's beginners guide to Warframe series on the youtubs. It's a good way to get oriented in the game and get some idea of how/in what way to progress:

and we've got stickies in this forum for various other things in and out of game. There's also a thread on how to join the in-game clans if you like. Everyone's got a different style of play in this game, which is sort of fantastic, so it's probably a good idea to play solo for a little while to figure your playstyle out but IMO the real fun comes when you're doing co-op. :D As for Ivara, check out the wiki:
I'd say you've got a little work ahead of you to get to Uranus, but that's totally doable. It might pay off to get Loki along the way since he makes spy missions soooooooo easy :lol:

Welcome to GS!
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