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Borderlands 3 Anniversary Events

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:18 pm
by cupracer92
Hey guys, so for anyone who is participating in the Borderlands 3 Anniversary Week event, this week is the Rare Spawn Enemies. I compiled a list & map location of the rare spawn enemies, figured I would share it with everyone here. Definitely helps to have an organized plan of attack, happy hunting everyone.


1) Rakkman – Night Flyer, Legendary Pistol
2) El Dragon Jr – Unleash the Dragon, Legendary Artifact [Mayhem Mode/True Vault Hunter Mode only]
3) Road Dog – Redline, Legendary Shotgun
4) IndoTyrant – Random Customization
5) Force Troopers – Random Legendary class mods
6) Demoskaggon – Random Legendary Shield
7) The Unstoppable – Band of Sytorak, Legendary Shield
8) Thunk & Sloth – It's Piss, Legendary Grenade Mod
9) Maxitrillion – The Horizon, Legendary Shotgun
10) Borman Nates – Psycho Stabber, Legendary Pistol
11) Princess Tarantella II – Hive, Legendary Rocket Launcher
12) Mother of Grogans – Random Legendary Artifacts [Mayhem Mode/True Vault Hunter Mode only]
13) Red Jabber – Random Legendary Grenade Mod
14) Urist McEnforcer – Masterwork Crossbow, Legendary Sniper Rifle

Re: Borderlands 3 Anniversary Events

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:58 pm
by BDNYY23
Thanks Cup - I have to try to get up to level 50 otherwise hunting these does not have much value. I should be able to hit that mark this weekend to take advantage of these spawns, still kicking myself for telling my kids I would wait for them to finish the game :( .

Re: Borderlands 3 Anniversary Events

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:53 pm
by cupracer92
Yes brother you definitely need to finish the game so you can access Mayhem 1/2/3 and grind to 50 for sure! If only BL3 had cross play, sorry I have to blame your console maker Sony. ;)