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BL3 Tips and Tricks

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Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:58 am

Hope everyone is enjoying the game so far. My only complaint is that I don't have enough time to play, and to make it worse I told my kids that I would wait to continue the story with them and my wife rarely lets them play during the week.

Anyway, figured I would start a thread for any tips and tricks that you guys encounter in the game. This one comes courtesy of Forbes.com, if you are having any issues with the Mantle system, you can adjust the in game settings to make the system work better.

Per the article, in the menu under Accessibility, there’s an option to turn on “Mantle with forward.” As in, if you’re holding down forward, it will mantle you up to a ledge, rather than just using jump to do it, which is supposedly how it normally works.

I just read this and won't be able to try it until tonight, but thought I would pass it on.

Some other things, the option to Tip Moxxi works again, but for me it took about $20-$30k before she gave me a weapon. The weapon appears to be interesting as it has some great perks, but one of them may make it hard to actually use the weapon in battle. I won't give it away, just wanted to let you know that tipping Moxxi does have rewards.

One other thing to note, if you pre-ordered the game, it looks like the pre-order bonus weapons, shields and grenades will level with you. One of the shields only offers bonuses for XP up to level 10, but you can hold off on accepting the weapons until you are higher level and the weapons will be at your current level. I am not sure if there is a cap, I know that I unlocked mine around level 8 and the weapons and shields were level 8, my son waited and tried one last night when he was level 16, and the grenade was level 16. I didn't check to see if the stats changed on his compared to mine.

Don't forget to check your mail, I have been getting a lot of weapons in the mail from the gun manufacturers. You will get a notification that you have received mail, but honestly I didn't see most of them. These weapons will be based on the level you are when you receive the mail. So if you don't check your mail, by the time you do you may be past the level of the weapon and it may not hold as much value. Granted, some of them have actually been a level above my current level, but maybe that is one that I actually caught when received.

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