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Tides of War - New Weapons, maps and game modes

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Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:17 am

Not sure if anyone agrees, but the weapons that you get from running through the Tides of War Chapters each week have been great so far. I have been running the V60 since I unlocked that for Support and I love that gun. With the exception of not being able to hip fire, that thing is great once you get the bipod deployed. The Ribeyrolles for assault is a beast especially with the 3x scope and now the new medic gun has been great. I can finally kill people from a distance when running medic.

Granted, maybe I have been running the wrong weapons for these classes, but since unlocking these I haven't found a reason to change. Sometimes I will go back to the KE-7 for support, but for the most part, I have been running the V60 since unlocking it. What has everyone else's experience with the new weapons been, positive or just another gun for you?

As for game modes, I have been enjoying Squad Conquest when running with other GSers or my son. I find that running as a group can really have a significant effect on this game mode, only issue is that with the rare exception of a close game, most of the times it is a blow out if you are working and communicating, but the rounds are pretty quick.

Anything else new with the DLC or Tide's of war that have improved your experience with BFV or any negatives. I am really enjoying the game, just wish it would have taken off with GSers. I miss the good ole days with BF3 and BF4 where we would run multiple squads of GSers in a game, and many nights an entire team of GSers in BF3. I continue to play, many nights running solo with randoms, so if anyone wants to run anything, let me know - always looking forward to running with fellow GSers :D

Allen Kent Jr
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Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:53 am

My name is Allen and I a looking to get to clans ingame with BF5. I used to play and I still feel some of the game we liked is waiting for us!! It is still a new game and it takes a while for things to get going.

The guns are fine, esp with the mods. DICE is great at putting these things together. The guns are more comfortable when adjusted.

See you ingame!
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Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:39 am

I haven’t unlocked the medic gun from tides of war but I have picked up a v60 and agree that thing is amazing. As good as my blessed M249 from BF3 :)

I played Squad Conquest once but was by myself and the randoms were just terrible. If I had a group it might be more fun.

I heard there is a big update coming out tomorrow that is gonna fix a few things so fingers crossed matchmaking is one of them. I hate when I know I’m playing terribly and still getting top 3.

And I agree. Those days when we had full teams of GS were epic. I really miss those days when you could log in any time of day and find multiple slingers to game with. Shame I didn’t buy it on PS4 otherwise I’d run with you BD but the lack of a GS following on either system makes me leery of buying it for a different system.
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