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Hello from Nashville TN

Intro by FLEXCopMNPD

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United States of America

Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:17 pm

Howdy Y’all from Music City USA,

My name is Brian Murphy and my gaming alter ego is FLEXCopMNPD. (Metro Nashville not Minnesota...lol)

I am 46, about to turn 47, married, three kids, one grandkid, three dogs and a lizard. ;)

I’ve been gaming since PONG in the 70’s. Used to be an Xbox snob but switched to the PS4 when Microsoft changed the family gold plan to individual gold accounts without saying anything.

I am also a proud member of the PC Master Race. My PC gaming is mainly for XPlane 11 and DCS.

I am a full time Police Officer in Nashville. Been with the PD for 23 years. Done a little bit of everything. Patrol, Violent Crimes Unit, Detective, now Field Training Officer.

Also almost done the military thing, been in since 1992. 8 years Marine Corps in the Infantry, got hit by a drunk driver, got out of the Marines, joined the Air Guard the week before 9/11, got activated deployed a bunch, got out after 4 years, got the service itch again and went to OCS with the Army Guard branched as an Engineer Officer. Deployed a few more times and I am currently the Commander of a Combat Engineer Company that is mounted in Bradley’s.

For fun I like to fly and I am currently working on my Instrument Rating.

My current go to games are The Division 2 and a little RDR2