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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC
    This thread is about new tracks you would like to see in the future Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC updates. Personally, I like the Wii DK Summit and the 3DS Daisy Hills.
    GS Division 2 Clan
    I just got back into playing Division 2 on PC. I'm looking to join the GS clan on that game, but cannot find it. Can someone tell me how the clan name is listed on that game so I can search it, or...
    Good evening all. Anyone playing hell let loose or insurgency on the xbox?
    MK8D Tournament & Raffle! - March 18th, 2022
    marchtourn.jpg Hell must have frozen over despite global warming because Nintendo is releasing new tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe until 2023! The first set of tracks will be playable this Friday,...
    Playstation Plus Games
    Hey all! Just wondering what all Playstation plus games have been good so far for this year? Just looking for some feedback and what games I should give a shot.
    Morphies Law
    Wondering if any of my fellow GunSlingers ever got into Morphies Law (on the Switch.) I had a great time with it and would love to hit it up with some GS if ya got it. If ya don't, I see it's...
    The 3DS & Wii U Memories Website
    Nintendo announced that the Wii U's eShop will be shutting down the ability to purchase games in March 2023. Accompanying the news, the company also put together a nifty Memories website that allows...
    Nintendo Direct 2-9-2022 ~ Reactions?
    MarioKart_History30_Wallpaper_(1920x1080).png Before going any further, be sure to check out Nintendo's official video of the February 9tyh, 2022 Nintendo Direct if you haven't already done so: ...
    Nintendo Switch Sports
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