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Profile Flair Legend

Gunslinger Badges

Banner Artist

Members who create at least one banner for their fellow Gunslingers. In addition to the badge, these members gain the ability to upload file attachments.

I Nominated!

Badge for nominating games in the 2018 Gunslingers Awards.

I Voted!

Members who voted in the Gunslingers Gaming Award for 2018.

Shellslinger Anniversary Racer

Members who showed up for the Shellslingers anniversary worldwide raids received this badge.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Creator

I Survived Halloween 2020

Founding Gunslinger

A Gunslinger who has been a member prior to the group having its own registered domain (ie: prior to 2009).

Old School Gunslinger

A Gunslinger who has been a member since the previous forum and has at least 25 posts on it.

First Responder

A Gunslinger who registered an account on the new site prior to November 1st, 2018.

Featured Broadcaster

A Gunslinger member who runs a podcast, youtube channel, or live streaming show (Twitch, Mixer, etc) that features the Gunslinger Banner & link back to the community.