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Fortnight Account Hacked

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 4:36 pm
by Daarkwind
So I get an email last weekend that my Epic / Fortnight account was hacked. I went into the launcher, changed the password, re-confirmed the email account and found that my friends list had been blown out and a bunch of names that I did not know were there. I cleaned out the account and disconnected my Twitch and paypal accounts. Joy oh Joy.

So, I chose to delete the account, for safety reasons and what happened after that was a nightmare. They wanted a huge amount of information to delete my account. Things that would have given any hacker enough information to steal my identity. I basically told them I would not give them that information and ended going through two different people and about 15 emails, and 4 days, and finally got my account deleted. You might ask if I followed any links from the emails sent about my account being hacked, the answer is no. I went trough Epic directly, the incompetence I had to deal with was top notch. Best as I can tell this was the result of Epic having been hacked at some point.

Be careful and use the 2 step authentication to protect yourselves.