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#GoldenTicket 1980s

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Tue May 21, 2019 7:28 pm


This 1980s rare-find, is from my Dad's family's home state, circa 1981.
Yes indeed, Massachusetts, USA.

I was 3 years old, whenever this video game fan, purchased the items from a local K-Mart shopping center.
However, my father migrated to Los Angeles CA, in 1972 to work in airline industry.

So.. here is my quick overview of Atari 7200 gaming console.

Pac-man was a square block, and the joystick would get stuck in corners.
Pitfall, was a pre-Indiana Jones side scroller
Tanks, was a 2 player game, and pretty neat.
Original Mario Brothers (before they became #Super!)
Donkey Kong
Pole Position (the arcade cabinet version was better)
Gauntlet (i think that was a NES title but it was in the 1980s video arcades, I went to)
Zork II (Well.. you needed a Apple computer for that game)

Good memories,
Thx for letting me share :mrgreen:


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Wed May 22, 2019 7:29 pm

That's an awesome find, man! I love it. Asteroids and Space Invaders were pure gold. Nothin beats Pitfall though. The granddaddy of all adventure games, You're welcome Uncharted :P

Speaking of Space Invaders, anyone here remember "Spaced Invaders", the movie from the early 90s? God I haven't thought of that in ages, and then all of a sudden, one spelling error and it's just like yesterday, lol
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