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Dying Light Run and Gun Mod

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Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:33 pm

So i rewrote my Dying light mod, and i think i finally have it in a place where i need some testers to test it for me before i publish it on nexus mods. So i'm hoping there are some slingers out there that wouldn't mind helping me out.
So there are a couple of things to note.
1. Before you do any kind of testing, please open the game goto settings>network>VAC secure game> turn this to off
then exit the game
2. Backup your data3.pak file located in your dying light game folder(dyinglight>DW>data3.pak)
3. My mod will only replace the data3.pak file.

To install the mod
First you must extract the data3.pak from the RunNgun.zip file i provided
Then you will copy the data3.pak file into DW folder inside your Dying Light dir
Make sure if it asks you to overwrite the existing file you say Yes(remember to do a backup of your data3.pak before you replace it)
if you have done it correctly the game will give you a pop up that says your game is using moddifed data(this is a good thing and ok)

Now say your done testing and want to uninstall the mod, or you are having issues with the mod.
to uninstall simply delete the data3.pak file from DyingLight>DW and replace it with the original that you backed up.
Now if your backup gets deleted or corrupted for what ever reason don't worry. Just delete the modded data3.pak, open up steam and verify the local files and it will be all good

Now here is where you should leave any feedback you want to, any bugs you find or glitches anything like that. I think i have most of those worked out but we know how that goes. This should just be a balance and final testing phase but i guess we will find out :)
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