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Need a crew/group/<enter game term here> any takers?

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Need a crew/group/<enter game term here> any takers?

Postby NeonGamerUK » Fri May 18, 2018 5:59 am

Excuse the long post but I needed to say it and you lovely 'slingers might be able to help me out.

Ok, so I was chatting to my best friend this morning (yes, in real life) about games, twitch etc and I came to a realisation... I don't have any 'friends' to play online with except him! None of my other actual real life friends/family play video games. Not my wife, not the guys I work with, not any of the close couples we see regularly, no-one!

Now this has bummed me out quite a bit :cry:

I've been playing video games since I was 12 years only (1983 fact fans) and when I started all games were single player and if they had a multiplayer mode you had to get your real friends around to your house to play. This was fine then and I have fond memories of many afternoons playing with my friends (don't be crude) :D
Now fast forward to 2018 and life has, of course, taken over. While I have loads of single player games that I enjoy I also have a lot of games that would be better with friends - State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Darwin Project, Far Cry 5, Hunt Showdown, Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield, Battlefront to name a few - but no-one to play with :(

So any of you lovely people want to help me out?

Basically I'm looking for a few regular players, preferably from the UK (time zone issues) who want to join in on some co-op games or multiplayer team games. Haldarulon and I usually play on Tuesday nights - currently playing Sea of Thieves - and I stream on Monday and Friday so would love to play any of those times.

Just hit me up on any of the below if you would like to join and help me out.

Steam: NeonGamerUK
BattleNET: CountZer0#2874
UPlay: CountZer0Divide
Origin: CountZer0
Twitch: NeonGamerUK
Twitter: @NeonGMR

I know we have the intros sections and the master lists but I thought if I out this here it won't get lost among the crown.

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Re: Need a crew/group/<enter game term here> any takers?

Postby dunkaroo69 » Fri May 18, 2018 9:11 am

Awesome post!

It's funny, since joining GS almost seven years ago, my friends list of people to game with went from my brother in law, my son and two or three random people I met in game to so many on the xbox 360 and ps3 that I had to start deleting folks after a short period of time just to keep up with the 100 friends limit. Thank god the x1 and ps4 don't cap friends (at least if they have, I haven't found it yet and I'm well over two hundred on both consoles). I now have a huge stack of friends scattered across all platforms, X1, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, so I often take for granted the fact that if I want someone to game with, I have that option.

When I started out here I added a few folks from the master lists. I would hop in a game with them while they were gaming with other GS members and it all really snowballed from there. I used to tell folks this was the best way, or checking the "Good Games" thread (not sure if we even do a good games thread for any recent games; that's a shame :( ), but times have changed and, even though those are still great options and ones you should consider, I think heading over to Discord and letting folks know what games you're playing and chatting with other folks is one of the best options available to members. Here's the Discord info link:


If you haven't already signed up, I highly recommend checking it out. Pop in, let a mod know you need access to the whole server, and just let folks know what you're playing and that you would like some friends to game with.

Hope this helps, man. If I was more active on my PC, I'd send an invite over, but alas, I'm a console junkie :P

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