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Lost In Space [2018]

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Lost In Space [2018]

Postby DrNiggle » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:54 pm

Lost In Space [2018]
A Netflix original series

I never watched the original television series and the first time I was introduced to Lost In Space was the 1998 movie starring a very young Gary Oldman, Heather Graham and William Hurt. This TV show is better than that movie.

The premise: Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) is married to Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) and they have three kids, Will (Maxwell Jenkins) Jailbait (Taylor Russell) and The Horny Ginger (Mina Sundwall). Together they are the amazing family Robinsons. They are part of a human colonization expedition composed of numerous small “Jupiter” ships attached to one large mothership. Something goes wrong and they get lost on a planet. I have it on good authority that in season 2 they will in fact be lost in space.

Overall the acting and character development are excellent. Each family member has their own strengths and flaws and the show does a good job of presenting them honestly while leaving them room to grow. By far my favorite part about this show has been watching the family unit face difficult and often life threatening situations with the sort of attitudes that one expects from people rigorously trained before having been blasted out into space (which each of them was) yet remaining human. I think that the show is making an effort to be family friendly as there is very little violence and some peril, but mostly its stories revolve around a family unit working together to solve problems.

The problems start after the amazing characters that are the Robinson family. For example, every other character. Specifically, Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) is insufferable.

The legacy of the Dr. Smith character is one of an evil or mad scientist, which is all well and good and makes for a malleable character with great potential. But, there’s a difference between Michael Corleone evil and Ming the Merciless evil. One you can understand and maybe even relate to, the other is just there so you can point and say “That’s the bad guy”. Dr. Smith’s character isn’t so much over the top as she is downright obvious. So obvious in fact that it just isn’t believable that no one, none of the brilliant and exceptional members of the Jupiter colonization program, ever even so much as suspect that she isn’t nice. Not even when asking her simple questions about her scientific field that any normal person should be able to answer and she gets it wrong. It is painfully obvious that she’s not only evil, but mean, short sighted, manipulative and a wholly unconvincing liar but no one ever calls her on it. It became infuriating.

The other characters aren’t as bad; obvious douche bag is a douche bag, obvious Han Solo is obvious, obvious robot-hating lady hates robots. They’re basically there to give the main characters something to do which is a shame but at least it’s not as terrible as the entire Dr. Smith situation.

The visuals are fantastic. From space CGI to the planetary landscapes to the wardrobe and set design, the entire show has a pleasing and engaging aesthetic that fits the show. The exception is in one scene featuring a rover’s headlights; if you’ve seen the first season you know exactly which scene I’m referring to. Apart from that everything is beautiful especially the alien flora and fauna.

Without getting into spoilers the last thing to mention is the story itself. The show is struggling to find a coherent identity because it’s set in a universe as serious as those of shows like West World or The Expanse, but at the same time it doesn’t want to be as brutal and realistic as those shows in terms of actions and consequences. The result is that you’ll watch people do some pretty silly things that should have life changing (or ending) consequences, but nothing bad really happens. You may also notice some things happen that are clearly just there to move the plot along or get a character back into a scene.

The best part of this show so far is the cast of the Robinson family and their excellent characters. I hope moving forward we will see much less of everyone else (I hope Dr. Smith dies but that ain’t gonna happen because shenanigans) and much more of each of the Robinsons.

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I agree

Postby Wutsittou » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:52 am

Came here because I care, Dr. Niggle. I finished the show last night. I would have to agree that Dr. Smith's character was terribly 'obvious' in her actions and personality. Her lies never seemed believable. Maybe that was on purpose to make the viewers hate her.

Also, I've read some brief reviews of people picking at the quality of technology they use on the show. I bet those people didn't watch all the way through. If you watch until the end, you will understand why they still use old technology like a single-shot breech-loading flare gun, while still having the ability to travel in space.

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Re: Lost In Space [2018]

Postby dunkaroo69 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:05 am

Thanks for the review. Glad it didn't get lost in cyberspace this time :D <---- see what I did there...

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