Review Section - How to Use - READ FIRST

Do you have some thoughts on a game, movie, or book that you would like to put in a review format? Do so here!

Review Section - How to Use - READ FIRST

Postby McMurphy » Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:31 pm


Thanks to the feedback posed by HeadshotPenguin, we are returning to the idea of having a special section on the Gunslinger Gaming forum for members to be able to review games, movies, and books in a unified manner. While we have attempted this idea in the past, we are ready to double down on it. If you are interested in reviewing something for your fellow Gunslinger members, please use the below information:

Rating System

We have installed code in our forums for reviews to use a 5 Star system. When reviewing a product, please use the following bbcode:
Code: Select all


Just place the number you wish to give in your review between the above tags, and it will appear in your review!

Review In Our Video Gallery:
If you have put together a video review, you are welcome to use our Video Gallery as well: video/index.php
Just select "Gunslinger Reviews" in the category drop down when adding a Youtube video, and it will appear in the Gallery. You are welcome to add a video AND a written review should they meet your fancy.

  1. Please use the star rating in your review so we can later post the average review ratings a game (etc) gets in our community.
  2. Please post at least a paragraph (ie: more than three lines) in your review.
  3. Don't review something you have never actually experienced.
  4. Not following any of the above items can result in a review being removed without notice.

Have fun! :D

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