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3ds XL

All topics in regard to the Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi/3DS and its game library are welcome here.

3ds XL

Postby CapnCowboy » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:07 pm

Hi 'Slingers! I managed to pick up a 3ds XL over a week ago-and Ambassador Edition!! I hear this is a pretty good deal but what do I know, I sell water pumps for cars. Anyway, I have a BUNCH of games that came with the console along with Mariokart 7, Donkey Kong jr 2, and Dead or Alive Dimensions. I do like this console pretty good! The Mii thing is new to me as well!

So I kinda need some tips on what to do with this thing, I mainly play PS3/PS4/Vita, so the 3ds is a new experience for me! I don't know anything about Pokemon, or Zelda, or Fire Emblem. I usually play games like Fallout on my PS4, I like race games-I hope there are racing games other than Mario Kart!!

I bought it off a local guy in my town, so my usual Capn Cowboy stuff isn't really my Nitendo id.

My "Nickname" is CapnCwby19 (I don't quite know what else to tell you here yet) So send out a friend request or something like that so I can hook up with some fellow GS'ers!

I found my Friend Code!! 1092-2407-8526
Keep Sunshine in your heart!! :mrgreen:
Be nice to EVERYBODY!! :D
Game on like NOBODY is watching!! 8-)

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