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Input needed/appreciated

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Input needed/appreciated

Postby Fed Architect » Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:08 am

I have recently decided to take my YouTube channel in a different direction, so with that I will be adding a few new playlists to it while deleting others. One of them I added is one that is currently called "A Closer Look" which is going to get changed to just "The Game". The reason for the name change is not important, but what is important is what I am trying to do with that series.

'The Game' is as simple as it sounds. I am trying to do videos that show people what a particular game has to offer so they can see if it has content they are hoping for or are looking for without having to watch an entire Let's Play series to find out. While I may, from time to time, talk about what I wish was in the game or wish wasn't in the game, this is more about objective, easy to quantify and easy to show things such as character customization, gun types, gun customization, controls and so on.

While I know what I want to see in certain games, that isn't always what other people want to see, so I am looking for input from anyone that wants to give it on what information you would want to know about a game. Something that will help greatly is that if it is related to a specific game genre, like a game mechanic that you would only find in strategy games, or RPGs, or whatever, please tell me that so I make sure to look for it.

Thanks in advance for any input you might give. It will really help me produce the best content I can. :D
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Re: Input needed/appreciated

Postby ironside » Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:31 am

that sounds like a good idea Fed I'm for one am always either watching twitch or trying to find videos on youtube to identify what a game is like before I buy it (Recently did it with Digimon) and its always nice hearing games from other peoples perspective because if your new to a series or a long time fan fresh eyes always are good.

Im slightly weird I always like an unboxing video so if you ever have a special edition that comes with extra goodies I always like to see an unboxing (mainly the collector in me) to see the quality of the additional goodies or if you collect amiibos or anything like that unboxing are just fun lol

A Vlog series is always nice because it gives viewers an opportunity to connect with the youtuber not only as a gamer but just an insight into the youtuber just makes people connect a little bit more. I don't mean like a warts and all life story thing some people get carried away just like talking about the channel what you been upto with it and if you want to throw in any bits about whats happened in your life then thats your call buddy.

hope this helps in anyway shape or form buddy.

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Re: Input needed/appreciated

Postby SbrbnHstlr » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:27 am

I too find myself looking into "review" videos of games.

What seems to be a popular topic and business model these days with games is Microtransactions. People want to know before they get deep into a game if it will soon follow a Free To Play, or Play to Win or a combination of both.

It is also becoming a common thing for games to offer microtransactions for cosmetic items only.
The whole topic of Micro Transactions seems to be extremely popular within the YouTube and gaming community.

Also worth noting, which I'm sure you're aware of is optimising your channel and videos for search engines. Related tags, and lengthy descriptions should help drive more viewers to your channel. Also, VERY flashy thumbnails with large text as well.
While i dont have a channel myself I'm pulling most of this advice from a Reddit AMA with a popular Youtube "star." I will try to hunt it down for you =)
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