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Welcome to the Destiny Gunslingers! [Info Topic]

Get ready for round two of the Bungie's juggernaut series in Destiny 2 by discussing the game with fellow GSers here!

Welcome to the Destiny Gunslingers! [Info Topic]

Postby McMurphy » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:17 pm



We are excited for Destiny 2 and invite you to take part in Bungie addiction. Whether you are a guest, a new member, or a returning GS veteran, please feel free to use this topic to help navigate where to find Destiny 2 activity and our communication tools. This topic will updated as Destiny 2 evolves after launch, so please check back. If something still seems unclear, shoot me a private message asking. The odds are you aren't the only person looking for the answer!

Q: How Do I Become A Gunslinger?
A: You may have stumbled upon our virtual gamer's cave while surfing the internet and not yet a registered Gunslinger. The process is simple. Register here: ucp.php?mode=register

Q: How Do I Swap Destiny 2 Contacts?
A: Reply to one of the following Destiny 2 Master Lists with your gamer information: PC | PS4 | XB1
Be sure to send friend invites to everyone else on the Master List. Keep checking back to see who else has added themselves to the list after you. Do that, and you will have a hefty roster of Destiny 2 players in no time!

Q: Are There Destiny 2 in-game clans? If So, How Do I Join?
A: Yes, we maintain in-game Destiny 2 clans that you are welcome to join. They are not required to still be a Gunslinger, but it should make it much easier to game with others and earn in-game bonuses. You need to have replied to one of our Destiny 2 Master Lists to be added to our in-game clans. Here are the direct links: PC | PS4 | XB1
You can read more information & discuss the in-game clan here: viewtopic.php?f=506&t=26788

Q: Do The Gunslingers Have Text/Voice Chat?
A: Yes. Whether you are looking just to chat it up with your fellow Gunslingers or need help organizing games with friends, we offer the GS Discord Server. The Saloon is the general chat section, while you will see several Destiny 2 voice & text channels for your communication needs. You can enter here: https://discordapp.com/invite/YtPx6VY
Be sure to let everyone know that you have registered at GS, and will give you Member status on our server so you can enjoy an enhanced experience.

Q: Do You Have Enhanced Looking-For-Games Tools?
A: Yes! Thanks to wizardry of GS*TheL33tness, we have our very own Gunslinger Bot on our Discord server. One of the services it provides you is to schedule and join Destiny 2 groups on the fly. Here are the commands you can use in our Destiny 2 Text Chats:
!addschedule [number of total slots for group] [description of group; 50 character limit] (For scheduling a gaming group)
---Example: !addschedule 10 Test Group For 7:30pm Pacific Time

!showroster [index number of group] (For seeing the standing roster of a gaming group; index number auto generated during schedule creation)
---Example: !showroster 4

!joinlfg [index number of group] (For joining a scheduled group)
---Example: !joinlfg 4

!leavelfg [index number of group] (For leaving a scheduled group you have joined)
---Example: !leavelfg 4

!endgroup [index number of group] (For ending a group you have created)
---Example: !endgroup 4

!getschedules (For getting list of all scheduled groups)
---Example: !getschedules

Q: Are There Any Other Ways I Can Let Others Know I Am Playing Destiny 2?
A: We also have a GS Game Library feature. By adding a game to your GS Library, you let everyone using the forums know that you own Destiny 2 and are playing the game. Here are the direct links to adding Destiny 2 to your GS Library: PC | PS4 | XB1
To make your name highlighted to indicate that you are actively playing Destiny 2 as your main game, switch to full version of forums (link at bottom of page) and visit your User Control Panel - Games - [Platform] - and then hit the small plus symbol by Destiny 2.

You can also create, edit, join, and watch Destiny 2 events in the Gunslinger Gaming Events Calendar!
Visit your User Control Panel. Select the "User Groups" tab. Select "Destiny 2 Organizer" from the list & save your changes. You have just given yourself permissions to make events in our Calendar! Here is a direct link: ucp.php?i=167

On the Calendar, click on the star icon on the date you wish to create an event. Here is a direct link to our Calendar (I will get this link on our mobile view this weekend. For now, go to the full view of the forums): calendar.php

You will get drop-down options in which you can select the type of Destiny 2 event, platform, start time, end time, and whether or not you are tracking attendance. Be sure to uncheck the "Full Day" box if you want to specify a time. Be sure to click on the Track Attendance box if you want people to sign up. You will able to write in a description in the body of the event if you choose (but you can stay exclusively to drop down menus if you are on a mobile device). BBCodes work, but the button shortcuts don't.



People will be able to sign up and note if their are an alternate (or anything else they wish to note) in the comments section. People can change their response if needed.


You can watch (ie: receive email notifications) a particular event and/or the Event Calendar in general for updates. At the bottom of an event you are viewing, click on the "Watch Calendar" and/or "Watch Event" icons. You can click them again to unfollow it.


Also, let's not forget where you are reading ths message...the Gunslingers Forums! We have a Destiny 2 section perfect for discussing anything and everything relating to Destiny 2. It is a great way to see who else is active!

Kick you feet up and make yourself at home. We look forward to slinging the guns in Destiny 2 with you! :shooter:

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