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Do you recall all the wasted hours on the games and consoles of the past? Everything from the first Playstation and the Nintendo 64 to the NES and the Dreamcast is fair "game" here.

Please forgive the lame pun.
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Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:54 pm

In 1991 I got commodore Amiga 500 for christmas and to this day it the best gaming computer/console I have ever owned.

with 500 bytes of ram the amiga was the baddest platform of it's day and was way ahead of its time, it is still considered to be some of the tightest os's as afr a code is concerned

check it out here


anyone who has ever used one will tell you how much fun they were, I spent a good 4 solid years on mine until I moved and had to sell it.

I even had wireless controllers for it way back in 1992 so I could use it while sitting on my couch instead of being right up next to the screen.

you could copy games from your friends cause there was no such thing as software encryption, I had a shoebox full of games most of which I borrowed off my buddies.

I even read where you can upload the latest amiga OS onto your wii using homebrew which is third party applications for the wii, but it seems a little sketchy to me.

anyone else here ever play Amiga?

Re: Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Sat May 14, 2011 5:21 am

Yep I had one, bought it for Christmas with my first pay. Played Batman on it with joystick until it broke.

Actually programmed on it, cannot remember the language now.

It died and i used it for spare parts on another one i bought second hand. Worked until 1999.
Now RIP. Good times.

Re: Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:27 am

I still have my Amiga 500, and it works fine. My brother uses it mostly now. I loved the Amiga, and the last one I had was the 1200 which I 'pimped' with an internal 2.5" hard drive, and an accelerator card. My friend has revived his 1200 and has a compact flash card inside it which holds Workbench and loads of games.

The Amiga is still going, and there's companies still selling boards and parts for it using the PowerPC chips and more modern graphics cards. The OS has been developed as well, so it's still hanging on. If I want to have some retro gaming from my Amiga days, I usually fire up WinUAE on my laptop.

(p.s. sorry for reviving an old thread.)

Re: Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:20 am

oh wow, the Amiga. Actually just posted on the "first game ever owned" thread about the Amiga (first game was Earl Weaver Baseball). The Amiga was awesome, SO many good games. STREET RODS oh my christ i played that game to death. Death Sword!! the first fighting game i ever played. You had the spin around chop move that would decapitate the other guy and made the best grunt sound effect ever. SOOOO many fond memories of WorkBench and DD0: and DD1: mount-labels. Man I wish things were still like that.

Re: Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:10 pm

no, but i had a commodore 64 color

Re: Any Commodore Amiga 500 owners?

Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:26 am

Loved my 500. What a fantastic era for games that was.

Supercars 2
Cannon fodder
Sensible soccer
Pinball fantasies
Last ninja

I even bought a amiga emulator disk off ebay a few months ago.......came with 4000 games lol
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