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Keep or Remove (Steam PC)

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Keep or Remove (Steam PC)

Postby NinjaCow » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:12 am

Hey GS,

Which Free to Play games should I keep or delete
Alternatively, I can turn-off automatic updates as well.

Pinball Arcade:
I loved this game on my phone, sucks, that I would have to re-buy
the massive amount of tables I purchased on iOS. (should I delete?)

Card Hunter:
This game looks like a lot of Fun! It's got elements of a lot of things,
that I am interested in (for a table top hybrid). (cards)+(dice)+(sandbox gaming board).

I read the reviews, and although Steam claims positive opinions on this game.
Many people have stated it is Pay-to-win. Sadly no multiplayer.
Guess I had hoped for a D&D hybrid with good graphics. (delete?)

It's a card game (I believe from Witcher) I only downloaded it,
because I'm a Magic: The Gathering fan. (Should I delete this)

Marvel Puzzle Quest:
Similar to Candy Crush Soda Saga. I love the concept of this game!
But people bash this game to bits. I guess (even though it's free to play)
the complete version costs $150.00? meaning DLC, character's and costumes. (Should I delete?)

I've heard great things about Argo. Question? Where's the catch? Sorry I'm kind of back in
the 1990's with this, and I'm looking at it like it's a Demo-version of the game? (Should I delete?)

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Re: Keep or Remove (Steam PC)

Postby gobi42 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:13 pm

the only one in that list i know of is Argo. That assuming your talking about the one from Bohemia Interactive (FPS Military shooter). No real catch, The game is based on the arma 3 engine and uses one of the arma 3 maps. It's got it's own game modes. the Coop mode is alot of fun. The other is a PVP mode with different objectives. If your on the fence about buying Arma 3 it's a great game to play to see if your going to like it. IT's basically the same as playing Arma 3 in first person mode only.(Arma 3 has first and third person camera that you can switch on the fly). If your not into slow paced tactical shooters it might not be something you want to keep around. But if you want a free to play more tactical and brutal version of a Battlefield type of game then it might be right up your ally.

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