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Steam Compatible Hardware

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Steam Compatible Hardware

Postby NinjaCow » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:32 pm

Hey GS,

I bought a HP ENVY laptop, 3 years ago. It was advertised as "high-end"

2.5Ghz Intel i7 cpu
GeForce 850m gpu
16GB ram
1GB dedicated graphics
1 terabyte hard drive

I mostly play turn-based games on Steam, and no problems there.
First Person Shooter's can only be played in "Single Player Campaign"
as multiplayer.. is laggy and unplayable.

With the lack, of modern military shooters, on console
I really want to try Steam on a 50in HDTV.

(Question #1)I've hooked it up with a HDMI chord and noticed lag.
So.. I'm worried that a "Steam Linx" would have the same problem.

(Question #2) How well does a Microsoft X1 controller work with
the steam client, on a laptop PC?

Ninja Cow
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Re: Steam Compatible Hardware

Postby dunkaroo69 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:31 am

Steam Link really does nothing to help your hardware. All it is is a way to stream what's happening on your computer to a TV in a different room. If you can plug your computer directly in to your tv then there's no point in using the Steam Link. However, if you have your pc at one end of the house and your big screen at the other end and don't want to run a mile long HDMI cord from it, then the Steam Link is a great solution for this. But again, there's nothing the Link can do about your hardware. It's just a streaming gizmo that streams whatever is playing on your computer.

As far as I know the X1 controller should work pretty flawlessly with Steam on a laptop. Don't think it makes a difference going from Desktop PC to laptop, but I could be wrong. Keep in mind that some games don't work natively with a controller, so you may need to download something like xpadder to map keyboard and mouse controls to your controller.

There is also the steam controller which works incredibly well with every game (except Dead By Daylight; only game I've found in my entire steam library that does not work with it). If you want to play games with a controller on PC and don't want to download and tinker with things like xpadder, then it might be worth looking into. It also works with non-steam games (I've personally played Battlefield, Division, World of Warcraft and a slew of others from different clients). Takes some getting used to, but I find for controller gaming on PC, the Steam Controller is light years ahead of a regular Xbox Controller.

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