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My Commadore 64 favorite games

Discuss Commodore 64 games here.

My Commadore 64 favorite games

Postby NinjaCow » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:45 pm

Hey Gunslingers,

Let's take a trip back to 1984,

Sometime after buying a Original NES with
money that I saved mowing lawns, and this
is going to sound bad, break dancing at weddings

My parents bought me a Commadore 64 for
Christmas. The only game that I can remember
playing on it, was a game called "Ninja".

Long story short, Ninja: Was a very fun
game. it was a side scroller, and the point
was to make it to a level boss. Similar to the
way Kung-Fu was played on NES, except
in addition to using a karate chop & kick, the player
could pick up and throw shuirkens and sai's
Oh' the enemy sometimes had blowguns, that shot
a single pixel across the screen, the player
had to choose a well timed jump or duck to avoid
being hit. (The coolest part was the trap doors)
and a final level, that took place outdoors,
a major difference in comparasion with Kung-Fu.

Keep in mind
Commadore 64, was 1/2 way between Atari graphics
and 8-Bit Nintendo.

The following summer, I visted my Aunt and cousins
in Massachusetts and My cousin had a full library
of Games for C-64, But the one I remember most was
Zork 2.

One final thing, I bought a copy of Daggerfall 2
about a year ago. It's built on the same engine
that created the original Wolfenstien 3-D. I recommend
it to anyone, that is a fan of popular retro games,
Especially if your a fan of Zork, and want try an
immersive, story driven, early 1990's vintage game.
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