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Mission Rewards

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Mission Rewards

Postby GodAmongMen » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:37 pm

Stats Boosts

Chapter 1
◾Tablet of Life and Time
Permanent +25 Health.

Chapter 2
◾Pursuing the Hood
+1 Power Point.

Chapter 3
◾Snakes in the Grass
Permanent + 5 Spirit

Chapter 4
◾The Kingpin Falls
+1 Power Point.

Chapter 5
◾The Purification Crusade
Permanent +50 Health

Chapter 6
◾Stryker under Siege
Permanent +5 Spirit

Chapter 7
◾Infestation Most Vile
+1 Power Point.
◾Mutate Genesis
Permanent +50 Health

Chapter 8
◾Smash Hydra:
Permanent +5 Spirit


Chapter 2
◾Taskmaster Challenge
1 50% Rarity Boost Potion.

Chapter 3
◾The Eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D
S.H.I.E.L.D. Motion Tracker Artifact (Required level 10)
(Attack damange changes based on range, up to +2x% at maximum range).
(Reveals enemies on minimap within a range of 14xx).
◾The Lost Patrol
Summon Vendor Device.
◾Repel Brood Scouts
Summon Crafter Device.
◾The Muramasa Blade
Yukio's Charm Artifact (Required level 12)
(+1x Extra damage with any Ranged Power)
(+12x Health Regeneration every minute)

Chapter 4
◾Corruption in Blue
Retcon Device (Resets power points, obtainable as drop or cash shop)

Chapter 7
◾The Great Bug Hunt
Maht's Arrowhead Artifact (Required level 19)
(% chance to cause target to bleed for 1xx physical damage over 5 seconds when you hit)
(Gaint spirit when you hit with a power that causes bleed)
◾A Sinister Plan
1 50% EXP Boosts Potion.
◾Little Lost Jungle Lord
Ka-Zar's Pendant Artifact (Required level 21)
(+% critical chance for any Movement Power)
(% chance to regenerate 6x health when you hit with a movement power)

Chapter 8
◾After the final mission you will recieve a mystery box, When used you will recieve a new Playable Hero.
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