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Barbarian guide: Hammer of the Ancients 1.05

Hack and slash your way to unique armor, weapons, and treasure chests with your fellow PC/Mac, PS3/PS4, Xbox360/XboxOne GSers in Diablo III!

Barbarian guide: Hammer of the Ancients 1.05

Postby Cudez » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:50 pm

Here is my guide in Diablofans:
http://www.diablofans.com/topic/74188-1 ... ts-builds/

I have continued my 1.04 HoTA guide to this 1.05 one.

First I want to go through with changes in 1.05 that affect HoTA the most:
1.Hammer gets 1% crit from every 5 fury you have.
2.War Cry is nerfed.
3.Leap has been changed.
4.Sprint tornado coefficiency has been lowered from 2 to 0.8 (I discuss this in build 3).
5.The addition of Monster power levels. You can go HC with HoTA now!
6.Hellfire Ring.

Short summary of the logics of the changes to actual gameplay:
1.The fact that HoTA itself has been buffed to have almost 20% more crit makes it easy to spam it even without reduce gear - that is if you use build similar to my builds 2 & 3.
2.War Cry nerf is bad; but you can survive if you just stack more resistances to your gear. I actually got raped pretty bad with about 400-500 resistances even in MP4+; but after I raised my resistances to ~600 (and started using dual wield) I was able to do MP8. Focus here mainly on getting dual resistance parts with All res + Phy res. You should be able to get enough Fire res (the only other res worth mentioning) from the all resistance.
3.This should be ok. Just need to learn to leap on mobs lol
4.This is for build 3 that I sketch abit further down.
5.I am unsure yet how to play around with this. For sure, I will try to do bosses/übers with higher difficulty than I normally farm. Will I be doing those with build 3 when I farm with build 2? Dunno. Also, it will be interesting to see the relative benefits of doing higher MP lootwise. Will MP10 give huge advantage when hunting benefits over low MP's? Dont know. But for sure I think MP8 is the spot to be since in 9-10 the packs have huge amount of HP.
6.Hellfire ring. This ring gives a solid amount of stats in addition to the fact that you get 35% more exp from it. Combine this with the fact that you can choose the main stat, 170-200 of str for example, and you got a winner. I am personally going to run all acts in order to farm as good as possible Hellfire ring.

For 1.05 I have written 3 options for different budgets/styles of plays.
•Build option 1 is for if you dont have a lot of gold to spend. 5-20m budget.
•Build option 2 is for if you have plenty of gold to spend; or if you dont like the playstyle of build 3. 20-200m budget.
•Build option 3 is for if you have alot of gold. 200m+ budget.

Build 1:

Use fury builder to build enough fury to be able to spam HoTA. If you are in trouble, defensively, then use your defensive cooldowns like: leap and ignore pain. I personally use these very often with trashes as well. Dont try to save those big defensive cooldowns for packs but burn them as often as possible.

Build 2:

Basically, for fury regen, you use the same theorycraft model as in Dino's Double Tornado build. In this you use Battle rage with the Into the fray rune to get fury from crititical hits rather than from Bash/Cleave as in my 0.1 spec.

Thusforth, with this spec you focus on critical hit chance. Why? Cause with this spec you are constantly so low on fury that you need all the fury you can get.

Build 3:

I have left 1 active skill slot open on purpose since the last skill is open to debate. Some use Overpower, some Ignore pain. Maybe Leap does the trick for you!

The interesting thing in this spec is that you can use Thrive on Chaos and go semi-Whirlwind barbarian with constant sprint.

This spec gets a huge thumbs up from me since, if you can keep Berserker up 100% you get a very good defensive boost from attack speed alone (that is if you have Life steal on your belt and weapon/'s).

1. Dual wield vs 2hand (Skorn):
- I have found out that with the attack speed from dual wield you get so much better benefits from Life steal that dual wield is far superior to Skorn. Also, its relatively cheap to buy main hand with Socket and Vita or Str; and relatively low dps offhand (lets say 650dps minimum) with 80%+ crit damage, 2.8%+ life steal and with a lot of vitality (I have 250vit in my offhand).
2. Life Steal:
- Try to get atleast 2.9% on your belt and your offhand. If you happen to be lucky or rich then you can go with life steal on main hand too; of if you use 2hand with life steal ofc.
3. Resistances:
- The need for this depends altogether what MP you do. For example: I was able to do MP8 with~~700 resistances and MP3-4 with ~500.
4. Health Globe bonus
- I have 20k of this with 60k HP pool. You want to get this atleast to 10k+.
5. HP is very important. I have 60k hp with life% gem for MP's 6+. You can go lower, lets say 50k, but the more you have the better it gets!
6. Get that MF up.
7. For build 1 you can get as many HoTA fury reduce gear parts as you want. Here is few:
•Stone of Jordan - can give upto 5 reduce (Best fury reduce piece by far imo)
•Skull grasp - Can give upto 4 reduce (semi ok)
•2 hander - can give upto 5 reduce
•Shield - can give upto 5 reduce
•Mara's Kaleidoscope - Can give up to 5 reduce (piece of junk imo)

For build 2 you can spam endless HoTA with just 1 piece. 2 Is even better. For build 3 you dont want any HoTA reduce gear since you need to spend fury more than save it^^

I use Scoundrel as follower since you can get an awesome weapon for it http://eu.battle.net...burizado-kyanon With this weapon, the scoundrel can aoe freeze almost nonstop at best times. Its just awesome! Iw been using it already in 1.04.

m0rph3x video (credit goes for him)

My gear:

Old Guide:
If you want to understand the basics of effective HoTA use then read my 1.04 guide:

Cudez#2919 [EU]

ps. Im happy if someone can progress the theory so please feel free to trash my ideas.
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