Thanksgiving with GS

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Thanksgiving with GS

Postby goppfather » Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:37 am

In just passing my 1 year anniversary, I thought I would post my thoughts about GS in an "anniversay/Thanksgiving" toast to GS.

Ive met so many true friends here at GS that I almost can't imagine what it was like before I knew all of you. I think some people who aren't a part of this community find it hard to understand how we can have so many friends that we haven't "met". Well to them, I say, too bad your missing out. Plus, none of you are gonna ask me to help you move!!:)

So for Thanksgiving, Id like to share a little of what Im thankful of here at GS.

Im thankful that I met MikeLaird so he can remind me all the time about how he "owes me" revenge, or how he makes me hungry with talk of smoked meat. I'm thankful for Nick being able to put up with Mike and I. Im thankful for the Tacos BJS talked me into in Phx. Im thankful for El Tigre's 50 point turn in Red Dead Redemption (the ORIGINAL Austin Powers move). Im thankful for Tick being such a gentleman when he repeatedly destroys my K/D ratio. Im thankful for MM's evil laugh, Carbon reminding me that I can't knife anyone, and Bullet's patronizing welcome when entering a lobby.

Im thankful for Angels grinding Borderlands with me on a random Saturday and Im thankful for Heims stealing my dog tags. Im thankful to Fed for reminding me that Im really not THAT old. Im thankful for the late show with Bacardi and BCDrift in the early days of Blops and Olddude and I dancing our special dance in the computer room on Summit. Im thankful for Kyle shooting his death machine at our entire team, WHILE WE WERE ON HIS TEAM. Im thankful to Marni for letting Kyle know that we were ON THE SAME TEAM.

Im thankful for dreams of Mazilli, nightmares of wizards, and daily rants by Burnt. Im thankful to Sosyc for his oddness, and Beagles for sharing that rooftop with me. Im thankful to Rlg and Sophie for keeping me confused, BlackOp96 for the "hey Gopp-s" I can always count on in my PSN inbox, and all the UKers for helping me understand "football".

Im thankful to my old buddy Mason for getting me started on this path, and all the OG GSers that welcomed me from the start. Im thankful for HOBOS, Bilbos and Frodos and all the random games I've played with GS. Im thankful for Shwan for keeping me laughing and keeping BL alive and Ironside for keeping RDR alive with me.

Im thankful to Slammer for talking more than I do, Big Eazy's Salsa, and Mxyz for his patience with me. Most of all Im thankful to all the leaders and staff for the hard work and time they put in to GS to make my GS experience such a blast.

Thanks to EVERYONE here at GS!

G. to the O. P. P. .......OUT!!!
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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby dunkaroo69 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:52 am

Very well said, gopp. Brought a tear to my eye. I am so thankful for this sight and the friends I have made off of it. My wife sometimes asks how it's possible that you guys can be my friends when I haven't met you or even know what half of you look like, lol. I tell her, it's a gamer thing. Truth is, you don't have to meet someone or even see someone to be their friend; it's much more deeper than that. Every time I log on to the psn, I always scroll through my friends list, just to see what everyone's playing (especially you, gopp ;) Thanks for not deleting me since I don't have any new games, lol) Even though it not my thanksgiving, I would still like to wish happy thanksgiving to all my american brethren.

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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby leiflvr » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:40 pm

Even tho it isn't my Thanksgiving, reflecting on gopps well articulated thoughts I figured I'd add my own.

I'd like to thank McMurphy and Toezer for putting together such a wonderful site where I've made alot of friends. It sounds weird to call people who I've never met in person friends but online gaming has never been so awesome and firing up the PS3 to see who's online is one of the highlights of my day. I've shared alot of laughs over my limited time here with a number of people and learned alot from them too.
Next I'd like to thank all the people who gave me such a warm welcome. bullet, Carbon, Sophie (can't get used to the CBQ thing) Rig (same with you KBK) for introducing me to Shenanigans. Margarita who makes me laugh with that evil snicker of hers. Slammer who's always there to offer a suggestion or help out of needed. Mikelaird, Big Easy and Rhat for the wicked accents that I can listen to all day. Mexi, Rage, Jenn and Murder and Banadas for constantly inviting me to HC S&D and CTF matches even tho my skills are less then stellar. Panic, Buckwheat, Ash and Tbone for rocking the Maple Leaf flag in the CANAM games. bonkers and both the Docs for being alot of fun to run with and all the new GSers I've met along the way.
In all seriousness I thought this GS thing would be a fleeting thing to get my confidence up and then I'd be gone to do my own thing. Thanks to GS for maxing out my friends' list so I always have some people to run with.
If I've forgotten to mention anyone specifically I apologize but there are just too many of you to name you all.
I look fwd to making even more friendships over the next 4 months (god has it only been 4 mths since I walked in here!?!?!) and getting to know my current ones even better.

Thank you one and all!

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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby BJS » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:59 pm

So, I've been holding off on posting in this thread for a little while because I wanted to gather my thoughts, and figure out how I wanted to format it. So here goes: **sorry for the wall-0-text**

1. I'm thankful for the actual, real, true friends that I've made through GS. It might sound funny and a bit sentimental, but I uprooted my family (Wife, Kid, and Dog) and moved away from everything I knew back in October of 2008. The 2000 mile separation between me and my friends and best friend was a pretty rough transition. While I have made friends here in the desert, it's just not the same... BUT... Then I found GS, and started playing with some folks. Those same folks became my real actual friends over thousands of games and countless hours on skype. Its almost like we've been friends for years (wait.. We Have!). I've met a few in person along the way, but I've talked to most of that core group on a nightly basis for almost 3 YEARS! It's hard to talk to the same people for 3 years and not call them your friends. For the sake of not getting too sappy, you guys know who you are. :)

2. I'm thankful for this group being an outlet from "real life". With the daily stresses we all face, whether it be bills, health, family, etc, having a big group of big hearted people that can play, joke, and take your mind off of all the negative things, is a GREAT thing!

3.I'm thankful for the generosity and general concern that our members have for one another. I've seen many many cases where our members are going out of their way to help other members whether it be with a quick note and/or emoticon, to actual real-life efforts to help ease another member's burdon. There is a term that my company uses, that I completely believe in and live by, and that term is "People Always"... GS show this on a daily basis.

4. I'm thankful for all the other GS leaders and founders who dedicate their time helping this community keep the same feel it has had for years. Even though we've grown exponentially, we remain a great group of MATURE and CASUAL gamers. Sure there are some rifts here and there, but overall, actual moderation of this site and forum has taken significantly less effort than any other community I have observed. It's this mentality and dedication by both our leaders and members that will keep this site going for years!

Not so serious:
1. I'm thankful for Topcat and his freaking tanks that always seem to blow me to smithereens!
2. I'm thankful for mummbles shooting my plane down with his AA gun!
3. I'm thankful for FishinNick and his LMGS turning me into swiss cheese!
4. I'm thankful for Shwan for being my target practice.. If it wasn't for you, my accuracy would be WAY down!
5. I'm thankful for Heims for not taking my dogtags EVERY time they see me when I play against them.
6. I'm thankful for Slammer. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be friends with anybody who's toilet flushes backwards.
7. I'm thankful for DICE for creating a game that forces us GS'ers to play against each other rather than with each other...

Ok, maybe not that last one, but I think I've had enough fun for one day. There are some more very specific personal things that I am thankful for, but I'm gonna keep those for me.. :)

Happy Thanksgiving GS!

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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby datawang » Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:01 pm

dunkaroo69 wrote:My wife sometimes asks how it's possible that you guys can be my friends when I haven't met you or even know what half of you look like, lol. I tell her, it's a gamer thing.

My wife says the SAME THING about online friends. WIVES!

I just joined this place, but it's great to see the camaraderie. Happy Thanksgiving all.
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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby RLGORMORTIS » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:22 am

Well you know there is no way in hell I can not post in this thread :twisted: I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. But if I must just leave it down to the GS things.
Im am first and foremost thankful for Mcmurphy and Toezer for creating such a wonderful place where I can find such spectacular people and one very special girl miss sophie.
Thank you Bullet *you know why ;) *, MM for her dance parties, Carbon for his spectacular sniper matches *still pondering how we got away with it on nuketown*,
slammer for showing me the true patience of a saint and master of the tomahawk, Tick for always hitting me with a random grenade, rhat for keeping me on my toes or atleast aiming at yours, Bonkers for being my office nemesis, the doc's always keeping it professional in wager matches :twisted: , inverdiv for his mastery of the pistol, sosyc & cake for the great chats, cody aka crap for always dancing his magee, misteryoda for muting unmuting killing being humble,
leif buck panic for being the greatest canadian three amigo equvilant,
ranter syluncher reebi for being such spectacular SnD players, Rage and jenn for just being great all around players, mikdre for always making it difficult, mikelaird for just being awesome, gopp for helping me greatly with meeting the right people and creating this thread, fishinnick for being mm's nemesis, all the great new people who have allowed me to increase my posts, diamond for goofing off in chat,
and as any of you who play with me now know my most important thanks goes to the crossbow_queen for letting me pester her and follow her around like a lost puppy ;) *Im head over heels for u* Happy Thanksgiving GS have a slice of turkey on me ^.^
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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby shwan58 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:50 am

I promise to keep making you laugh my friend. I am thankful that i found this site. To all my GS friends I wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Drka Drka!!!!

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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby Captain Scarlet » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:19 am

Ok So I am English, and they don't allow us holidays to be thankful. I think they are just miserable at losing all the colonies.

Anyway. I have some things to be thankful for.

I have had a good year with Gunslingers. Laughs, shouting at the screen (which to my family who cannot hear GSers laughing on skype makes me sound like a crazy man :shock: )

This was my first online gaming experience, Wii Goldeneye. I have had a blast, but only because of the great people who are here. They are too many to name, but I like and respect them all. Even Human Target who will never read this as he always drops into a game, mauls me and then leaves. What no dinner? Chit Chat? just wham bam and goodbye.

I have a wife that loves me, a daughter who we got to 18 without any disasters who is intelligent and beautiful. I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach, and don't get shot at when I go shopping. So compared to many, I am very lucky.

I have MW3 for Christmas on Wii, so will be continuing the quest for Wii gaming domination with GS.

Thanks for the games, the laughs and the company.

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Re: Thanksgiving with GS

Postby mikelaird1 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:01 am

Man O Man I have tried to stay away from this post but I cant do it.I can see my bad boy reputation going down in flames on this one.I know I am late but everyone says I will be late for my own funeral.So here goes.What am I thankful for.
1.I am thankful those of you who started with me over a year ago and have continued to help me make the new recruits feel welcome when they start just like those before me.
2.I am thankful for Gopp man you have held my sanity together while I have been through ups and downs in and out my everday life I know that I give you a hard time but I dont mean anything by it I like you so I pick I am a jokester in everyday life.You have been my friend for over a year and through all the good people that we have lost along the way you stuck with the OG's and I consider you my brother.
3.Nick man dont even know where to begin I remember back in the day I handed you a fair amount of asswhippins on black ops and made you a force to be reckoned with now that I have turned you into a
seasoned fps vet.Your my number two brother without you bro our OG status would not be what it is.I consider you my little brother and I got your back no matter what.
4.Tick you are a beast always have been from the day we started if I was not cussing you I was on the hunt for you for payback.We have kinda drifted apart with all these new games but I still get excited when you bounce in a match with me just know that I am there if you ever need me.
5.New friends Bjeep,scope,mummbles,nervous scarab,FS ranger,Heims,Mayham,and all the other wonderful battlefield people It has and will be my pleasure to game with you guys.I Left Black ops to play bf and met some amazing people you guys are badass at what you do and I would not have it any other way you make me want to play harder and faster and shoot straighter which is always a plus when it comes to gaming but you guys are awesome and I am thankful for having met you.
6.And last but not least murph and toezer thanks for giving me great friends and a great place to talk smack and have fun.But thank you everyone for all that you do and all that you continue to do here at gs to make everyone feel welcome.
And on that note I am thankful for my friends across the pond who have been in some crazy games with me Slammer,Inverdiv you two guys and your accents and craziness thanks for the laughs.
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