Helpful Information for New Gunslingers

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Helpful Information for New Gunslingers

Postby Captain Scarlet » Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:43 pm

If you are reading this thread, Welcome to Gunslingers. Thanks for choosing us, we hope you enjoy your time here. Please take a few minutes to read this thread as it contains some basic guidelines and helpful information that that will help enhance your time with GS.

Joining Gunslingers

Information on how to join can be found here

We have some basic Guidelines

Please check out the FAQ To answer some of the obvious questions.

To ensure you know what we are about. A little history

Gaming with Gunslingers

To find out what games we play, check out the Games list

ALL of the games we have Masterlists for, located on the Forum Index page at the Master Lists of Contacts Section. Add your information to the relevant masterlists here.

Once you're on the masterlists for the games you are playing you can start sending out friend requests to fellow Gunslingers. Make sure to add a note stating that you are GS to the friend request so they know you're in the clan and not a random admirer.

For information on joining the official Gunslingers in game groups such as Battlefield Platoons, CoD Clans, and Social Clubs please see that specific games forum for information on how to join. The only requirement to join is that you are on that games masterlist.

How best to hook up with existing players. This advice is from Goppfather.
Many of us have been here for a long time through many games so we know each other pretty well and out PSN friends lists are full of other Gunslingers. My first suggestion is to send out friend requests instead of waiting for them. Check out the "good games" thread get some names from there as to who is active and start there. Cross reference those names with the "master contact" list and you should be in game in no time.

While it is a bit of a drag for the new members to do all the "work" of sending requests, many of the long-standing members have tons of people on their friends list which gives them no reason to really keep up on the master contact list. It's not that we don't want to meet you and make you part of the club, actually it's quite the opposite. It's just that we spend most of our free time gaming instead of checking the master contact list. So new members, send out those requests and I'm sure you'll be in game in no time.

Miscellaneous Good Stuff

The main forum index has headers for all the major forums and games we play, that is the best place to start.

We have a Discord server to chat with other members! More information can be found here. Make sure to stop by and say Hi!

If you can let us know how you found us there is a quick click survey here.

We have a facebook, twitter and youtube page, of course. Just click here to find links to all of our social media. .

If you want a cool banner, there are alot of creative people here, if you don't want to make your own you can request one here.

That's the basics. Have a good look around the forums and if you need anything, just ask. We have an incredible community here and we are happy you've decided to join us. :D
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