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RandomMonkey says hello!

Postby RandomMonkey » Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:06 am

hey guys,

monkey is here! i am 22 years old, currently playing PUBG, Dauntless and Overwatch at a - lets say somewhere "on-top-of-the-tree"-level :mrgreen:
i am living in germany, but my home trees are growing in russian, rumanian and moldova - and yes, we were pretty active :shock:

aight. thats it for me. if you want to know something else just text me on discord @RandomMonkey#2402


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Re: RandomMonkey says hello!

Postby turk mcgurk » Tue May 15, 2018 5:57 am

Hello & Welcome to GS!
Ben in real life, turk mcgurk on XBOX1


I'm currently playing Gears of War 4
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