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Hello from Ft. Hood

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Hello from Ft. Hood

Postby Punkmonkey1717 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:00 pm

Hello all,
I have been looking for a group/clan like this for the longest time. I can't believe it took me this long to find. I'm happy I found y'all and can't wait to get some game time in. The clans requirements are everything that I look for when trying to find teammates.

This is actually only the second clan I have been in, and the other one was just a small clan created in game (no website or forum). I like to play games not taking them too seriously (no rage quitting or talking crap), but I also like to play serious and tactically if I got a good team and the players are into it. I do not constantly play loud music over comms or yell annoying stuff out like a lot of randoms do. If you are not good at a certain game i never hold it against you and will continue to play, and never comment over someone's lack of skill unless it's joking around.

I have two children so I usually can't stay on for hours on end. Im usually on during the weekends pretty much throughout the day and night. I am currently on 51 days of leave so I will have lots of game time in sept-oct.

Currently I am playing battlegrounds and destiny 2, I was playing a lot of Friday the 13th but have taken a break from it recently, wouldn't mind getting back into it if anyone wants to play. I will be getting mostly all the upcoming games in sept-dec (which console/pc version has not been decided).. I have a ps4, xbox one, and a pc that can play just about anything. I am open to all recommendations for new games and will try anything. I live in the Ft. Hood area so I'm on central time, now that I'm on leave I am online through the day/night and whenever not taking care of children, I can play pretty much anytime if there is nothing going on.

Thanks for accepting me into the clan! Looking toward to get some game time in with all of you.

Feel free to add me:
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Re: Hello from Ft. Hood

Postby Lamporello » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:53 am

Hi Punkmonkey1717 and welcome to Gunslinger Gaming!

Be sure to check out following link which contains lots of helpful information on getting started:

You already found the masterlists, now go on and start sending out some friend requests by yourself and you will be in game with other Gunslingers in no time. Be sure to mention that you are new to "Gunslingers" or "GS".

If you have any questions, just ask.

Once again welcome and i hope you'll enjoy your time here! :welcome:
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