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Nintendo Event: MK8D Bar League - Friday the 13th, Part VIII

All Day Event: Jul 13, 2018
Welcome to the weekly Shellslingers MK8D Bar League Frosty Pints!

The overall structure is simple: We switch up the MK8D settings each week, announce a Mii theme, and, on specified occasions, even include a raffle from time to time. This first post will reflect the current week's event as well as the latest replies by a Shellslinger Leader. Past results will be showcased towards the bottom of this post as well.


Our EIGHTEENTH weekly Shellslingers tournament returns to carry on a long running Frosty Pints tradition! Once again, Friday the 13th has creeped upon us, & once again it is time to dust off the Jason masks for some macabre racing mayhem. Masquerade your Mii as Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise or race as Shyguy and join us in some Battles! You can get ideas of how to create the Jason Mii here: http://www.miicharacters.com/?_form=sea ... erms=Jason

THE NECESSARY CODE TO ENTER IS LOCATED NEAR THE TOP OF THE MK8D MASTER LIST. After entering it, join onto a friend so we are all in the same room. Stop by our MK8 discord channel for communication.

  • Mode: Random Battle Modes; Frantic Items;
  • Time: Friday, July 13th, 2018 @ 5:00pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time.
  • Mii Theme: Friday the 13th

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By McMurphy