Nintendo Event: Splatoon 2's First Splatfest...Prior to Launch!

All Day Event: Jul 15, 2017
Did you all catch the Nintendo Direct focusing solely on Splatoon 2? If not, here it is:

An exciting detail is that the first Splatfest will actually take place BEFORE the game is even released. Here are the times on July 15th (Saturday):
  • North America: Starts at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)
  • Europe: 5pm UK / 6pm CEST

Like the Splatfests from the first Splatoon title, teams will be split up by who a player answers a question. This time around it is "Which is best: Cake or Ice Cream?" Just for the fun of it, the same poll has been added to this topic.

It sure would be fun to get all us Inkslingers playing during this first Splatfest, so please let the rest of us know if you plan to show up for the event by replying to this topic.


Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By McMurphy