Nintendo Event: MK8D Tournament - Release Your Inner Punk!

All Day Event: May 19, 2017
Welcome to the weekly Shellslingers Bar League!

The overall structure is simple: We switch up the settings each week, announce a Mii theme, and, on specified occasions, even include a raffle from time to time. This first post will reflect the current week's event as well as the latest replies by a Shellslinger Leader. Past results will be showcased towards the bottom of this post as well.


Our third weekly Shellslingers tournament is all about taking advantage of the new color choices when making a Mii, so everyone is encouraged to come with a version of your most often used Mii altered punk style as we bomb our way through some bikes-only mirror mode craziness! Take Balki's present avatar as an example:

THE NECESSARY CODE TO ENTER IS LOCATED NEAR THE TOP OF THE MK8D MASTER LIST. After entering it, join onto a friend so we are all in the same room. Stop by our MK8 discord channel for communication.

  • Mode: Mirrored Racing; All Tracks; Bikes Only; Bomb-Ombs Only
  • Time: Friday, May 19th 2017 @ 5pm to 6pm Pacific Time.
  • Mii Theme: Punk Miis
*More Frosty Pints action afterwards.



Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By McMurphy