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On the Battlefield
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Who is babyboy?

Permanent Linkby Babyboythegod on Sun May 15, 2016 11:08 pm

Hello everyone... If anyone is out there reading this at all. I decided to give this blog stuff a try- and it may not be what you would normally think of a blog but let's see where this goes why don't we?!

I may actually be doing short stories in the future if I see people enjoy and I feel like writing them.

So-- who is babyboy? Let me introduce him. Babyboy was born Ryan in New York. Brooklyn to be exact - but raised on Staten Island. Been gaming since the nice age of 2 by beating super Mario brothers. I have been hooked on gaming ever since then. It's something I enjoy and I happen to be good at it. Now I won't bore you with the specifics of my life-just some of the gaming stuff.

I already told you I have been gaming for all my life and that I actually am good at it - so good that I actually played call of duty for money. Now I only came out in second place but I was proud nonetheless. I played on a few teams in which I started and had some pretty good teams. One team I had We were so good we did not even have to shoot for a whole week just ran around stabbing people and winning. Another call of duty team we went our whole black ops lifespan losing only 50 games. And that includes the people who disconnect and the game counts as a loss for you- or joining in a game that's just ending also counting as a loss.

Nowadays I play mainly halo but throw in other shooters to pass the time. Hard to get competitive when you have a family. Never would I dreamed that the boy who beat Mario when he was 2 would of grew up to have a daughter who would beat Lego Jurassic park with him when she was 3. We get old quick!

Oh and how did I get the nickname babyboy? Simple really when I was younger I liked all the gangster movies(still do) scarface godfather etc. well one of the movies I like is state property and one of my favorite characters nickname is babyboy- I also like the movie babyboy with tyrese. A friend of mine at the time knew this and said he was just going to start calling me babyboy- and it kind of stuck. From that point on my nickname was babyboy. So I started adopting it for my online persona.

Well that is my story- a quick to the point one but mine all the same.

Again I may write short stories(real ones) if I see there is interest.

Xbox live- Babyboythegod
PSN- Babyboytheking

Add me and let me know what you play!


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