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- August 2017
All about them sunglasses
   Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:09 am
Life... and other armaventures
   Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:42 am

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All about them sunglasses

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:09 am

So had a funny conversation with my dad last night. I'll give a little back story so the funny makes sense. So back in jan. of 2008 i was with my dad shopping, had just gotten my tax return back. He went into one store and i went into an oakley store with intents of buying a pair of flak jacket glasses, however i came out with a pair of 260 dollar split jacket glasses instead. My dad commented on my glasses and said they were nice. Then he asked me how much they were. So not one to lie to my father about anything(the truth may hurt but only a fraction of the pain lying does). I told him they cost me 260 dollars. He legit flipped the fuck out, like made at me for a month cause i wasted money on these sunglasses. Fast forward to this last sat. It's a little shy of 10 years later, we were talking and i told him i bought another pair of oakleys for 260 bucks. He smiled laughed and asked to see them. So i showed him a picture of the new ones i just ordered, he really liked them. then teasingly...

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Life... and other armaventures

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:42 am

Life can be funny at times. It sure has thrown me a few curve balls of late, but what fun would life be without those. As a result tho, i have decided to step back from working so much on my mission in arma, instead i have just been checking out new islands and missions. So far I've I've defeated insurgents in the Hindu kush. I have freed part of occupied Australia. Had some underwater fun in Atlantis. Along with my new find in Warlords. Which is like turning the entire map of atlis or stratis it a conquest map. There is a twist all the capture points are guarded by AAF units and you have to clear the cap point of enemies before you can cap it. It's team orientated, you can't just lone wolf a flag. They made it so your team votes on a flag and then you all attack that flag. Now i have only played this mission solo but it's a blast, even more so with friends i'm sure. Then you have good old DUWS missions, works on any map. (had to tweak it to get it to work with Hindu kush) Set it up and...

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Going back to Gears

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:43 pm

It's been a rough month had no internet basically for the entire month and work has been kicking my butt. Then i hear they are releasing gears of war ultimate on pc (no official release date yet of course). Couple months back i had picked up a copy of gears of war for windows(the original gears of war, the only gears released on PC) Reinstalled gears of war and booted it up. Before i knew it 2 hours had pasted an i was still sucked into the game. Work crawled by as i was looking forward to playing more gears when i got home. Of course as soon as i got home i had to spend some quality time with the kids. :D Booted up gears and spent the next hour or so killing some grubs feeling like a total badass. As i was forced to log out for the time being, a thought crossed my mind. Man do i miss killing grubs. ...

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Zombies, or no zombies that is the question

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:06 am

So after i don't know how many hours i finally got zombies spawning and respawning on sector triggers. So now the question is do i unleash them into the mission and make you guys, deal with not only bots from an opposing force want to kill you, but hordes of zombies as well? It still has some kinks to work out but the hard part is over. They still need to be tweaked some, they are still to docile for my taste(but i do have a warped mind) :twisted:

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ArmA 3 mission

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:54 pm

So for some time now i have been working making my own mission for arma 3. While the old arma 3 server was up we ran a a3wasteland mission that i modified to make it more coop based, but then issues in my personal life forced me to shut down the server. Shortly after i started working on a custom mission. At first i wanted it to be just like a version of a wasteland mission. As the days have passed the mission is slowly taking form. i choose to go old school for the map, by using Chernarus of course. The wasteland mission used stores and made you buy gear, to add a survival feel to it. The big difference is a true wasteland mission you only have to worry about ai while at mission points on the map, and other players. I choose to get rid of the money and the food and drink, cause lets be honest, you just want to shoot things in the face. So for this i have added shops that consist of a virtual arsenal module (basically you can use virtual and load saved load outs and save custom made loadouts,...

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