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- March 2018
random forgetten things
   Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:10 pm
random forgetten things
   Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:10 pm

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random forgetten things

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:10 pm

So out of the blue i get a comment on a guide i wrote years ago for a great little indie game on steam called insurgency. Noting big or fancy, but i wrote a guide on how to setup a xbox controller in the game so you had native support. Added in some custom alias for useful stuff and how to reconfigure things like sensitivity and invert look. Guy had a question cause he was using it to setup a controller and somethings weren't working. So i answered with the best i could with the little info but offered to look at the files for them. As i scrolled up i seen that it has been viewed over 2500 times and had a 4 star rating. That made me smile a bit, was a good feeling knowing that the hour it took me to write that guide has helped at least 1 other person get more out of a game. This small little indie game has given me a few great memories. I was playing on an empty server and had some random's join me, we moved from checkpoint to checkpoint as we neared the last couple of checkpoints i heard someone ask me a strange question i had never been asked while in this game. They asked me if i really used a controller. I responded that i was in fact using a controller at the time. No one said any more about it and i let it drop an continued on. As we neared the last checkpoint i warned the guys to hold back and not rush cause the ai liked to spawn to the right and throw grenades, they didn't listen and died. As we pushed though tot he last checkpoint one of the guys thanked me, which left me slightly confused as i hadn't done anything. So i asked why he was thanking me. He replied, i wouldn't be playing this game right now if i hadn't read your guide and if you hadn't responded and help me solve the problem. At this point i felt a little bad as i had totally forgotten that i had talked to or helped this guy out. Fast forward to today and while i have felt good like this before. It just reminds me that sometimes giving something small, can have an positive impact on other people.

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