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random forgetten things
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random forgetten things
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All about them sunglasses

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:09 am

So had a funny conversation with my dad last night. I'll give a little back story so the funny makes sense. So back in jan. of 2008 i was with my dad shopping, had just gotten my tax return back. He went into one store and i went into an oakley store with intents of buying a pair of flak jacket glasses, however i came out with a pair of 260 dollar split jacket glasses instead. My dad commented on my glasses and said they were nice. Then he asked me how much they were. So not one to lie to my father about anything(the truth may hurt but only a fraction of the pain lying does). I told him they cost me 260 dollars. He legit flipped the fuck out, like made at me for a month cause i wasted money on these sunglasses. Fast forward to this last sat. It's a little shy of 10 years later, we were talking and i told him i bought another pair of oakleys for 260 bucks. He smiled laughed and asked to see them. So i showed him a picture of the new ones i just ordered, he really liked them. then teasingly said that he was going to steal them and wear them. He then asked me what i was going to do with my other pair. I told him they were going to be my work glasses(the pair he is referring to is the white split jackets i had bought almost 10 years earlier and have been in almost every picture of me since that day in 2008) He said "You know i'm man enough to eat crow. I should have never went off on you like i did the last time you bought oakleys. I was wrong and you were right son." I laughed and asked if to hand me his beer, he looked at me and said no. I said well you must be drunk you just said i was right.

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