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random forgetten things
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Life... and other armaventures

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:42 am

Life can be funny at times. It sure has thrown me a few curve balls of late, but what fun would life be without those. As a result tho, i have decided to step back from working so much on my mission in arma, instead i have just been checking out new islands and missions. So far I've I've defeated insurgents in the Hindu kush. I have freed part of occupied Australia. Had some underwater fun in Atlantis. Along with my new find in Warlords. Which is like turning the entire map of atlis or stratis it a conquest map. There is a twist all the capture points are guarded by AAF units and you have to clear the cap point of enemies before you can cap it. It's team orientated, you can't just lone wolf a flag. They made it so your team votes on a flag and then you all attack that flag. Now i have only played this mission solo but it's a blast, even more so with friends i'm sure. Then you have good old DUWS missions, works on any map. (had to tweak it to get it to work with Hindu kush) Set it up and start assaulting command post,research centers, and more. There is something calming yet exciting about crawling though waist high grass sneaking up on an outpost and taking them all out with out them even know where the shooting is coming from. A lot of people like to give me shit cause i'm always going on about arma, and some people have tried it just couldn't get into it. I get it the game has a steep learning curve and it's not your typical shooter. I however know a few secrets. There is great mod support, that really makes the game better. I use a few mods to make it way less sim like and more like battlefield. First of the mods i use is called drifters fatigue remover, it eliminates fatigue during any mission you play. Another very useful mod is a sway reduction mod. Basically it removes 90% of the sway of the weapon when your just aiming, does not change recoil or kickback. Third is a mod that increases the damage to all most weapon ammo types including but not limited to 9mm, 6.5mm, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm rounds. What does this mean, it means when you shoot an ai guy with a 7.62 sniper rifle in the head at 500m he dies and doesn't require a second shot to finish him. Add in a full screen night vision mod and some weapons if you like. With those simple mods you got your self an open world/coop version of battlefield with some better movement and realistic ballistics. Now i also use a mod when i'm not playing mp games on servers call VA or virtual arsenal, which lets me bring up the virtual arsenal any time i hit the u key. It's hand for playing user missions solo, give you the option to resupply and use custom guns.(normally when playing with other players one of them is an ammo bearer and you can resupply from them) Maybe these little bits of info will encourage some of you to come join me on the battlefield.

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