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random forgetten things
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random forgetten things
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ArmA 3 mission

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:54 pm

So for some time now i have been working making my own mission for arma 3. While the old arma 3 server was up we ran a a3wasteland mission that i modified to make it more coop based, but then issues in my personal life forced me to shut down the server. Shortly after i started working on a custom mission. At first i wanted it to be just like a version of a wasteland mission. As the days have passed the mission is slowly taking form. i choose to go old school for the map, by using Chernarus of course. The wasteland mission used stores and made you buy gear, to add a survival feel to it. The big difference is a true wasteland mission you only have to worry about ai while at mission points on the map, and other players. I choose to get rid of the money and the food and drink, cause lets be honest, you just want to shoot things in the face. So for this i have added shops that consist of a virtual arsenal module (basically you can use virtual and load saved load outs and save custom made loadouts, you just can't export them). And a script that add virtual vehicle spawner.(this lets you spawn any vehicle in the game, however haven't figured out how to let you choose a camo yet) So that takes care of any and all of your needs as far as gearing up and resupplying. The ai system i used before was a scripted mess, so i spent most of my time re writing the random ai code. Now it is all sector based spawning. What this means is as soon as you enter a sector it only spawns the ai in that sector, which i think is somewhere around 100 ai per sector. plus at least one enemy vehicle of some kind. Now i'm testing this to check spawns and fps drops and such, then once that is stable for me solo then it's on to stress testing it. Then once the ai is where it needs to be to press forward. Then it comes down to, do i work on getting base building or adding side missions with rewards. I guess only time and my abilities will tell this tale.

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