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random forgetten things
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Revitalize old games with mods

Permanent Linkby gobi42 on Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:18 pm

So some of you know me and others might happen across this. For those that don't, i love mods. Not mods that make you better, but mods that generally make the game more fun, or give it a new spin. So I happened across a youtube video of a motion controller for pc, they were playing some black ops combat training. Suddenly i had the urge to play some combat training. but alas the 360 was unavailable to use and i didn't own a copy for pc(and no i wasn't going to pay 40 bucks for a old game). So it seemed i was out of luck. Then i had an idea and did some digging. after a few hours i found what i was looking for. So i went ahead and grabbed a copy of call of duty Modern Warefare 2. while it was downloading i went about acquiring all the other files i needed. :) The other files being a collection of 3 zip files from different websites. the first is Bot warefare 1.1.1 from moddb.com. The second it React IW4 from their website. Finally the thrid one is IW4 mod pack from the react fourms. The first zip simple added smart bots like the ones in black ops and adds a menu so you can added them in private matches or custom matches. The second file is basicly a 3rd party interface which added a few weapons and game modes, and allows you to run mods after start up. the thrid is a collection of mods the run in the above mention file.(I should mention it comes with an aimbot which i do not condon using, in fact i opted not to copy the files for it, so it was never installed). Now after a little copy and paste work and running the installer, it was all ready to run. i booted up changed the name and created a private match. Picked all the stuff i wanted(map terminal, game mode domination) started the match. after it all loaded up and i spawned in i opened the bot menu, clicked mange bots, clicked add 11 bots, and backed out. What do you know? It worked, i was playing a 6 on 6 dom match on my local computer. After that wore off i went about killing bots with a huge smile on my face. But it just wasn't the same so i found the nuketown map downloaded it and installed it reran react IW4 and Combat training will just never be the same for me ever. :twisted:

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