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Get Outt'a My Way I'm Fast As Hell

Permanent Linkby DrNiggle on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:44 pm

Thanks to a little creative gear selections and skill swapping, I got all four speed achievements and the achieve for getting all four, totaling 5 achieves and a point score of 4020. 8-)

Once again, theL33tness came through with a bangin' build for monk that makes speed an understatement. Thanks to him, we both did Act I in about 31 minutes. Using this build on my own, I did Act II in about 33 minutes, and Act III in less then 24. I didn't even pay attention to Act IV, it felt like less then 15 minutes. :lol:

For this build you need:

-Stone of Jordan (with min 2.00 spirit regen and bonus to sweeping wind)
-4 piece Inna with the headpiece having min 2.00 spirit regen
-As little attack speed as possible (try for 0), with as slow a weapon as available (try for 1.00)

Active Skills:
-Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap
-Tempist Rush - Tailwind

-Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing
-Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
-Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm
-Wave of Light - Empowered Wave

Passive Skills:
-Exaulted Soul
-Chant of Ressonance
-The Guardian's Path

All these working together give you a lot lot lot of spirit generation. In addition, you get sweeping wind for virtually no cost and so you can keep it up at level 3, where with this rune equipped you'll have even more spirit regen. L33tness advised the wave of light to end boss battles before they even start, and in this he was correct, on vanilla inferno, nothing really survives long against it. :lol:

This build (minus the gear) is required lvl 46, so theoretically if you could find a 4-piece Inna and a SoJ with reduced level requirements, you could pull this off mid-game.


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Re: Get Outt'a My Way I'm Fast As Hell

Permanent Linkby theL33tness on Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:17 pm

Nice. Good job getting all 4 speed achievements.
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