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Gaming Habits

Permanent Linkby Scorp_Wild on Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:56 pm

All throughout my youth, into high school and even now as an adult, I have played hockey for no less than half my life. The position I play is goalie. If any of you are familiar with hockey and specifically the position of goalie, you might have a bit of an understanding of the tendencies and rituals that accompany the individuals that play this position. I'm by no means superstitious, but I do have habits and a routine when it comes to preparing before a game, also things I do during a game to keep my focus. A similar set of habits have fallen into place for me when it comes to video games. For lack of a better term, let's call them "Gaming Habits".

For many of us, where we play games doesn't change. Some of you may just have a console sitting in your living room with you tv. Others may have a more dedicated den or office area. I have, what I have recently and affectionately called, The Plat Cave, which is ironic since I have yet to collect a Platinum trophy. This is a portion of my basement in my home that I have designated to gaming and more or less a hang out space where I won't bother my wife. Some of you might call it a "man-cave" or "woman-cave", as I am certainly not sexist. For me, the Plat Cave is a space I have decorated with various items of memorabilia ranging from pro hockey jerseys to a small Spider-Man action figure collection I have, to pieces of comic book art that I've purchased or even created myself. Basically this space is a reflection of my hobbies. I even have a mini fridge sitting next to my couch.

Frosty Pints on weekends is an overly popular event surrounding many different multiplayer games on all different platforms here at GS. I too enjoy a cold beverage when I'm sitting down to a gaming session. Sometimes a brew is appropriate. I once read a study suggesting that alcohol in moderation can help spur on creativity in artists and I think this translates nicely to gaming. Think of playing a puzzle platform game and trying to figure out how to solve various puzzles. A beer, glass of wine or cocktail may just help open your mind to different ways of looking at any given puzzle presented. Of course an adult beverage isn't always appropriate. During those times I will admit that my drink of choice is Orange Crush (Yes, my mini fridge has 24 cans of said Orange Crush in it right now). Beverages are a nice little way to break up tense moments while gaming. Sit back for a second and take a sip of a nice cold drink....Ahhh!

In recent weeks I've found that I almost have a sort of a set schedule for when I game. This has come more as a by product on mine and my wife's work schedule, as well as other recurring obligations during day to day life, like when my wife goes to the gym :). For me it's almost comforting knowing that I can sit down and dedicate an hour or so to a game a couple times a week, chipping away at the story, multiplayer or trophies. While I of course appreciate a spontaneous opportunity for a gaming session, I find that more often than not I'll use those impromptu times to keep up with all the tv shows I'd like to be watching.

Between where I game, when I game and having a tasty beverage while I game, these are but a few "Gaming Habits" that I have. I would be curious to hear if any of you fellow Gunslingers share any of my tendencies, or if you have some unique traits of your own. Please feel free to leave your comments below, and as always, I appreciate you all taking the time to read another of my blogs about gaming.

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