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Gaming On A Budget

Permanent Linkby Scorp_Wild on Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:47 pm

Playing video games has been a hobby of mine for nearly twenty years now. Over the years, the price of games have gone up and programs like PlayStation's "Greatest Hits" titles have gone away. For those that don't remember the Greatest Hits library, I believe these were titles that were discounted after the particular game sold over one million copies. The growing trend of digital purchases has thrown another wrinkle into the mix as well. Being an almost thirty year old, married adult with a mortgage amongst other regular bills, has made purchasing every title I want on day one at $60 a pop (for AAA titles at least) a little too expensive these days.

Typically, I'm not one to spend over $40 on a game if I can help it. Because of this, I have run into a dilemma. Games such as Destiny, which I will admit I pre-ordered and got the season pass at a total price of $90, and upcoming titles like The Division are games that feel like to fully enjoy them you need to pick them up when they come out so that the community is at its largest and possibly its most enjoyable.

On the flip side of this, story driven games such as The Witcher III Wild Hunt, which I recently picked up on sale in the PS Store at $25, don't exactly require that hype-driven buy-in at launch. I try to be as active as I can be in the gaming community, but unfortunately purchasing and playing games like I do doesn't always allow me to be relevant in discussions about any given game when it launches.

I try my best to keep an eye on sales each week in case a game I am interested in dips in price. Some may think that as a purist gamer people like me are screwing developers out of their hard earned money and that waiting for a sale on a $60 game will ultimately hurt developers and give us fewer quality titles at the AAA level. To some extent I agree with this though process, but I for one, simply can't afford to purchase all the games I would like to play at $60 each.

I love games and in particular PlayStation and have been gaming for nearly twenty years, so far. I know that there are others of you out there that may be in the same sort of situation as me and budget gaming is the best option to be able to play all the different games we would like. Others of you may not agree and say that we should be rewarding developers for making quality games by paying full price for them. Wherever you land on the topic is fine and I say to each their own. I am curious where people fall on the subject. Please leave comments below and weigh in on the budget gaming philosophy.

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