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MH3U Review by aleck493 on Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:35 pm
Well this is my first time doing a blog so I thought I would start off with something I like and know much about Monster Hunter!

I will be doing a review of MH3U which I have put over 150 hours of gameplay into. This is just my opinion and I will respect anyone who does not agree with them.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or MH3U is an expansion of Monster Hunter Tri (Note that you don't have to own MH Tri to play MH3U) that was released on the 3DS and Wii U Simultaneously, with players being able to transfer their hunter data between the two systems.

MH3U has added a new map the Misty Peaks, a mountain range that you traverse through. It added several new monsters and tons of new weapons. It also increased the number of quests, nearly doubling the length of the game.

The game added new two new ranks of quests, making monster harder than ever, increasing the challenge, and the fun of playing.

These additions all helped improve the game from its predecessor, however there are a few flaws....

[ Continued ]

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Obligatory first blog post, and some Karting experiences! by vhr2121 on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:15 pm
Hallo there, fellow Gunslingers! Vincent here, trying this Blog feature that the site enabled some time ago... And I just thought of giving it a shot, to see how it goes...

Anyway, how's it going? Just ended this week's Bar League of Mario Kart 8. It was good, alright. I still haven't got the hang of the fire hopping technique, though, so I'm still no match to Shax, the long time winner. But hey, at least I can keep up with him, granted that I get the right items at the right moment, which in most cases, it just doesn't happen... like AT ALL. And in fact, it happens in reverse, like me being in first (or second for that matter) and getting a single COIN almost EVERY TIME! And second (or third) place gets something really (un)expected like (Triple) RED shells or the Crazy 8. Really! Just my luck!

This also happens to me quite often on Worldwide/Regional racing rooms. I've been playing on Regional lately, it's a bit easy for me to find people of my VR level on there instead of Worldwide,...

[ Continued ]

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New to Gunslingergaming.com by samuraij1986 on Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:59 pm
I was told that I should write an intro. Well, my name is Josh, I'm 27, and have a full time job. I'm a design engineer, and usually only get to play cod: ghosts after work~ 6pm, or on the weekends. I try to play lots of cod: ghosts, and i need a more adult and mature clan. My clan right now is SAMURAI ELITE. We have a pathetic win percentage. And our clean leader is like 12. If anyone can let me join their clan, I'd be grateful. Btw, my k/d isn't the greatest: 0.96. My Xbox tag is S4MUR4i4SS4SSiN. Message me whenever and I'll get back asap. Hope to hear something from someone soon.


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Testing the Entry Creation by McMurphy on Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:57 pm
This, as the title suggests, is testing the ability to create new entries to my blog.

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