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The One Where I Cheese Crota by Handil on Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:02 pm
So, I was doing my best to solo Crota's End last night when I was invited to a Crota Cheese group. I say cheese, but if you are familiar with the method, it is glitching and most would consider it cheating (I do). For the first time, I felt like I was doing something wrong.

Now, mind you, I cheesed Atheon and all of the VoG after completing it legitimately. I have soloed Crota's End up to the deathsinger, or whatever her name is (and completed the entire raid legitimately). These have all felt like creative use of systems Bungie left in place or was too lazy to thoroughly test.

Using an exploding lantern to shoot me across a map seems like a creative use of in game mechanics, not cheating, to me. But the Crota fight... having a player quit the game to freeze the main boss in place, and then wailing away at him... feels entirely different. There is *some* skill needed to make it work, I guess, but only maybe 25% of the skill it takes to do it legit.

Anyway, after it was all said and done,...

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Still getting used to this by Taillesswolf on Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:07 am
First, I would like to thanks for accepting my request and am looking forward to playing with everyone.
I'm not usually the one sending friend requests with out meeting them, I think it's too random. But hopefully I'll find a group here to just chill and play games. Mostly play PS3 but also got steam account (just can't remember it), but I just don't play too much games on there. I also would like to hear some other good games to play online with people. I like to use photoshop so I am happy to have a reason to get back into that again so at some point I will have to make banners. Not too much to say other than that, but very excited to join this gaming crew and hope everyone dose not mind receiving random friend requests on PSN or the social club. Hope everyone has a great day and happy gaming!

:thankyou: ...

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Introduction by MAHreedMan on Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:39 am
Yup! Staken 24 hours to figure out how to get through the front door! Lol
Am here now.
Ps3 user I in the main.
Fps my fav genre
COD MW3 amcrazeeee about,only discovered it 4 months ago, got from a car boot for a quid! Love the survival modes not brilliant at it bt can get to lvl 18 on Bakaara solo
Would like co-op to get into the 25 lvl plus range

Destiny was this years CRIMBO pressie , bn playing just ova week every day, its the new addiction!
Jus gone to lvl 18
Would like to play with similar lvls n grade up together main campaign,strikes n raids.
Playing style; Crucible Skills need a lot of attention. Basically too slow low lvlled atmo. So tend to avoid it, yeh I Can hear watya thinking.Lol
Co-op I like. Not a rusher bt good at support for those that are, good revivalist. Won't quit a mission until
The job gets done no matter how many times there is complete respawn.
My Definition of a good game experience is, having to take a break afta the intensity is over,walk around the house...

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Random Thoughts by Zandur on Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:16 am
Did you know, the average person who attends college, can not even find a job after graduating in the field they had studied in college... which means they are stuck with loads of student loads, meaning they're in debt big time with absolutely no way to pay it off. And you folks call that the "American Dream" ? I think not, our economy is debt based, which means at some point, economy will crash, maybe not in your life time, but it sure will soon. Educate yourselves on this subject, it is more important than you know.

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The Feather Class and the Bumpy Road to 9999vr in MK8 by MikeyFromSantee on Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:38 am
As of last night, I have made it into the 9000vr range. In fact, I currently have 9031vr as of the writing of this first blog of mine. One might feel like I should look at such an event as a momentous occasion. A landmark to celebrate, as it were. But I have no time to celebrate, as my goal is higher, and not as easy as all my friends keep making it out to be.

You see, my goal right now is very simple. Reach 9999vr using only my feather class Mii before the patch releases.

Today marks the 49th day I've had a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 (despite light-hearted jokes being thrown around during GS* Bar League events that I somehow had it at release date, trained hard and didn't tell anyone). I have been working hard day in and day out learning this game from the perspective of the little guy. I had heard before getting the game that the metagame was made up of a bunch of heavies, a few medium weights, and that light class was largely outclassed and not used. Anyone that really knows me...

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