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My GS friends Part #1 Beagles329 by mikelaird1 on Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:14 am
I started out this morning to find my good ole pal beagles poking fun at me.As most of you know Beagles is gunning for my tags on Bf due to the fact that I have enough of his to build a steel fort :lol:
So got me to thinking how much fun I have with my GS friends and how well we get along.I met Beagles a long time ago when he first joined and my fondest memory I have of him is we are playing bf3 and he is driving a tank and I am the gunner and he proceeds to run into every damn thing that is non movable :lol: and he says the nicest thing sorry man I can't drive these things and I proceed to tell him no worries bro gotta learn sometimes.Over a long period of time he and I seem to game quiet often together and if he winds up on the other team I proceed to stab him a lot which I know drives him bananas...

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hi new here by james0208 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:55 pm
hi my name is james im ps3 player I just started playing bf4 I would like to team up with fun people to play with that don't take getting killed so serious and I will follow cammands I don't have a head set I can only play after 6am central time bc I work 6 days a week on 3rd shift but Saturday nights are my only nights off

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I Quit Twitter by Scorp_Wild on Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:06 pm
I Quit Twitter...

I've been using Twitter for almost four years now, but recently I've been more and more discouraged by the morale surrounding Twitter and social media in general.

I began using the service as a means to keep up with Kinda Funny and video game news. Twitter is also a great way to keep up with current events surrounding local breweries or other establishments in your area. I mainly used Twitter to keep informed with my interests.

As I spent more time using Twitter, I discovered it was a great way to sign up for giveaways too. I won a signed puck by a player on my favorite hockey team and a DC Comics poster signed by the artist, both within a month of each other.

One of the main focuses of Twitter is to be social with others on the medium and to interact. Unfortunately, this very focus would end up being the main reason I have decided to be a passive participant within this social network.

Trolls. Simply put, these are people who choose to bully others via the Internet....

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Looking for new friends by Infernal on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:11 am
Im on Halos the most, but i play mulitple games. Im looking for people who are friendly and that are down to play anything on halo games. Im a btb player the most so if anyone wants to team up contact me GT: WoW Infernal. I also do a lot of forging on H4 or Reach if anyone wants to get together to learn or build something amazing also contact me. Hablo español para los que buscan amigo.

Long live Gunslingers/ Viva los Pistoleros :mrgreen:

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Just saying howdy by Warlord the Fishman on Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:29 am
I'm a old gamer,had all the start ups,sega genisis,nint.64,my favorite was the DREAMCAST,actually have 1 that has never been opened.The controller just fit like a glove for me.I really liked demon souls and dark souls,i was not happy with DSouls 2, it wqs a defense game you either found high ground or poisoned or dropped on them,all the other games were go get em with all your learning in tact that got you a win, hope BLOODBORN ( which is being directed { supervised } by the man who did demon souls and dark souls 1 )it feels like him,even the roll and the great kick is back, d pad up and R2 best way to knock a invader off a cliff,looking forward to playing destiny with some members, already are thats how i heard of GS,this is a long post,sry everyone first cup will do that,haha caffeine,easy does it.I'm in my golden years which i believe means this is a little pissy with no work to go to.But i have time for my kids and grandkids and possibly great great,oh my god i'm turning to dirt i'm...

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