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Sony rant by MisterYoda on Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:09 pm
Now for the final system: Playstation 4. The PS4 this year seems to be doing everything right and could do no wrong. There is a few things that I will nit pick, but I will say this, Sony has learned there lesson from bad marketing. PS3 was the great example of bad ideas. Eating over 400 dollars and system and making architecture no one can use. Congrats, you managed to piss off every developer.

Now moving on, the way Sony has played is basically did everything oppsite of the Xbox. Heck, they didn't display much at E3 that peaked my mind with wowzer graphics. Then the forcing people to pay to play online multiplayer is okay but are you gonna upgrade the infrastructure? If you are, then let the consumers know. Knock it out of the park and say your doing dedicated servers. Second thing is the lack of exclusive titles they display (Xbox didn't either big hell give me hints). These are the minor things so far that I will knick pick, but I sense more to come.

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BACK IN THE SADDLE by RebelBred on Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:06 pm
Hey y'all! I'm back to it! Been away for awhile... missed playing/dying with everyone! Hope to get some gaming on with some of ya soon... both old friends & new. My gamertag has been changed from GS Reb77 to GS BloodyJester. l'm on the Xbox One. Please... Add me to your friends... Looking forward to playing!

Some of my games-
COD Advanced Warfare, COD Black Ops III, Forza Motorsports 6, Forza Horizon 2, Star Wars Battlefield, Gears of War (all of them), State Of Decay, Battlefield Hardline... etc... etc...

Plus many more.

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Antici............pation by Enemyonwheels on Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:18 pm
I have never been a patient person. If I decide I want something then I want it right away, but with gaming this doesn't happen.

Devs tell us about future games months (sometimes years) in advance. And we have to sit it out and wait for that release date before we can get our hands on that shiny new disc. In recent years things have got a lot worse for those waiting for games due to the proliferation of the internet. Now we get drip fed hype from announcement all the way to release. Then there is TC who collates all the hype and brings it all together in chat. Now the Impending release of the next generation of consoles has compounded the problem further.

I am now at the point where I am set to explode and we are still 3 months away from getting our hands on those new consoles. I'm hoping the release of GTAV in 3 weeks time will provide sufficient distraction.

So how does everyone else deal with living on the hype train?

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A gunslinger is born by a970knowledge on Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:07 am
A future gunslinger was born today around 230 am my friends and I'm ecstatic!

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Yay to Blogging: Introductions by An1sotrope on Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:13 am
Hi All, not entirely sure this is the best place to post this (or even if it will get read) but didn't want to clutter up forum pages with an introduction and fancied getting some blog posts out there anyway.

So my name is Mark, an older gamer which is why Gunslingers seems ideal. I just joined the site under a new name since i'm switching over my PSN ID to a new account and a (slightly) less crappy name, (my previous ID was djbungo), and I did manage to play a few games online and have a few of you on my friends list from before a flat move and utter chaos ensued, but i'm back, looking forward to the new round of FPS games and while still torn between a number of options(XBone or PS4....BF4 or Ghosts...GTAV still hot and not wanting to leave that just yet) will no doubt see you on the battlefields (no pun intended) soon.

But at least i'm blogging now....

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